Turn Your Roomba Into R2-D2 With This Fun Decal

Have you always wished your Roomba looked like R2-D2? Well, now you’re in luck. Yep, you can have a Star Wars character right in your home… via your Roomba. And R2-D2 vinyl decals affixed to it.

Now, cleaning your floors will actually be fun, as R2-D2 will be doing all the dirty work. Plus, you can also turn Star Wars on in the background to get even more into the other-worldly spirit.

This is one of those ideas that seems so simple, like: Why didn’t I think of that? Yet the company that did think it up is Bel & Bel, a renowned design studio-workshop in Barcelona.

R2D2 Roomba
Bel & Bel

They are, “a designer brand for unique and limited pieces with a very recognizable style,” their website states. We’d say R2-D2 goes along with their mission perfectly. You?

The bad news? The decals aren’t available for purchase yet—they’re still in a galaxy far, far away (or perhaps Spain). But we hope that Bel & Bel will expedite the process so all our Roombas can make the switch to R2-D2s soon.