Win $100,000 By Finishing QR Code Jigsaw Puzzle

Do a QR code jigsaw puzzle, win $100,000. Sounds too good to be true, but a small number of people could win big money after completing a very tricky game

The jigsaw puzzle’s creator is YouTube and social media star David Dobrik, who is known for his sponsored giveaways and stunt videos. He explained his new product on TikTok, saying, “One of the most common comments I see is you guys asking me for money. So I’ve finally figured out a way to get all of you guys money.”


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The green and black 100K QR code puzzle is certainly tricky to solve with its two colors, random design, and no finished puzzle image to follow (each puzzle is supposed to be unique). But when you complete the game, you can scan the QR code it forms with your phone to see what prize you’ve won.

Each 500-piece puzzle costs $30. While there’s a total of $251,125 worth of prizes available, and the top prize is $100,000, most of the puzzles (95,500 to be exact) are only worth 25 cents.

One Facebook user recently shared his attempt at winning the $100K puzzle, writing, “Wow this was the hardest puzzle I’ve done in my life … and no, we didn’t win the $100,000.”

The next highest prizes after $100,000 are $1,000, $500, $250 and $100, and there are only 50 codes for each of those sums. Other prizes are $50 (450 codes available), $10 (1,000 codes), $1 (1,500 codes) and 50 cents (1,500 codes).

When the 100K puzzle launched in December, it started selling quickly, with 17,000 gone in the first hour. Around 48,000 puzzles were purchased before the QR code jigsaw “sold out,” although The Thousand Dollar Puzzle’s rules section said that 100,151 codes would be made. The deadline to finish the game is also listed as March 31.

If you’re still interested in getting one of the $100K puzzles for yourself, you can add your email to the game’s restocking email list.

In a December 2020 “VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash” podcast episode, Dobrik said it was the biggest selling product he’s released, which he didn’t expect. Dobrik also wanted to warn fans off buying multiple puzzles to raise their chances of winning or even expecting they have much of a chance of winning a big prize.

“The way it should be viewed is it’s a puzzle first, and then there’s a sweet little gimmicky thing on top,” he said.

You can listen to the whole episode below (warning: profanity throughout).

Besides complaints by puzzle purchasers that the jigsaw hasn’t shipped out to them yet or that no one seems to be winning more than 25 cents, some critics say The 100 Thousand Dollar Puzzle is a form of gambling that’s being promoted to Dobrik’s younger-skewing audience, including minors.

Swell Entertainment’s Amanda Golka says Dobrik should have been more clear on The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle’s rules and the low chance of winning significant sums of money. Her conclusion is that the puzzle is totally legal, as there is a way of getting around the purchase requirement and there is an age limit listed in the rules.

“When you’re phrasing it as like ‘I’m giving money away’ … be more upfront about the details of your giveaways next time, David,” she said.

However, she hated doing the puzzle, which she called “so annoying,” echoing others who complain about its difficulty, and believes if no one wins the prize it may be because they couldn’t finish it.

So far the biggest reported winners seem to be two $10 winners, one of whom is Dobrik’s podcast partner, Jason Nash. Other winners have gotten $1, but most reported winnings have been 25 cents.

Bottom line: get the $100,000 puzzle if you want to challenge yourself to a tricky two-color jigsaw. But don’t get it expecting to recoup your $30 cost because the odds aren’t in your favor.