Wish You Could Exercise More Frequently? Make This One Small Change

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Did you know that around 40 percent of people make the New Year’s resolution to start working out more? While that’s probably no surprise, the fact is that by the end of the first week of the new year, already a quarter of the people who make that resolution give up. And after one month, that number jumps to well over half.

However, there might be one thing that can help fortify one’s resolve to exercise more, and it’s actually quite simple.

A recently released report from marketing company Dstillery says that if you live within close proximity to your gym, you’re more likely to go.

The company studied 7.5 million people using location-based data collected from their mobile devices. During a one-month span between mid-February and mid-March, there were two interesting findings that might have contributed to those who classified as frequent gym-goers.

The first finding was that those who were members of premium gyms went more, regardless of the distance. The other finding showed that those who consistently frequented their gym lived within close proximity of their gym’s location.

Data showed that the farther people have to commute to work out, the less frequently they go.

“People who go to the gym once a month travel a median distance of 5.1 miles,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “Those who go five or more times a month travel 3.7 miles.”

So here’s the deal. This data states that in order to get yourself to work out more, you need to do one of two things:

1. Find a gym that’s in close proximity to your home. We’re talking the closer the better. By not having to commute as far, you’re more likely to go. It’s easier to find the time to squeeze in a quick workout if you don’t have to worry about fighting traffic in the process.

2. Join a fancy-pants gym. If you’re serious about working out and think you’d be more likely to go if you joined an upscale studio that could possibly provide you with a better experience, it might be worth it to shell out a little extra money.

Simple solutions to a very common problem.

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