What Can Happen When You Challenge Your Mind And Body

Some experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit. So what could happen if you stuck with a habit for 100 days?

For LaKeisha Shurn of San Francisco, the answer is: A lot. In under three minutes, you can watch this motivational, inspirational, heartwarming story of how Shurn decided to go to the gym for 100 days in a row as part of the #giveit100 challenge.

She videotaped herself every day (right there, we know she has courage; I could never!).

The results were not only losing weight (18 pounds) and going down in 4 clothing sizes (from 26 to 22), but her mood. At video’s beginning, Shurn is 348 pounds and depressed.

By the end of the 100 days, she has more energy as a result of her daily gym routine, and is smiling.

She decided to keep it up for 365 days, not just 100. Recently, she met one of her workout goals–to get below 300 pounds. Kudos to you, Shurn!


JJ Watt And Kevin Durant Support Others’ Dreams In Touching Commercial

Superstar athletes JJ Watt and Kevin Durant have teamed with with American Family Insurance in its, “Every Dream Needs A Champion” Campaign to produce this heartwarming commercial.

In the short clip, you see each of them surprise individuals working hard to achieve their dreams and goals.

This fondly reminds me of the #ThanksMom commercial (below) that Proctor and Gamble released a few years back for the 2014 Sochi winter games.

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