A Simple Weight Loss Tip For All Body Types

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I’d like to consider myself pretty athletic. I played sports as a kid and was pretty competitive throughout high school.

I had (and still do) have knee problems, so doing P90X sessions or boot camps with a lot of jumping and high-impact movements just aren’t my thing. While I try to eat healthy and stay active, I’m human – and go through cycles of being less fit than I’d like to admit.

I enjoy working out, but honestly, who has the time to spend 90 minutes in a gym everyday? I make a conscience decision to value and build relationships with friends, family and coworkers. This equates to meals out, occasional trips, and ‘wine Wednesdays’ with my girlfriends.

Because of this, my weight fluctuates and I find myself struggling to keep up with a routine that allows me to slip into my jeans, not pull on like a sausage casing.

I recently stumbled upon an article shared by PopSugar and celebrity fitness guru, Kit Rich. Kit has a weight loss tip that may just work for me – and you too. She suggests, “three miles or 30 minutes, every day” to help keep the pounds off.

Whether that’s walking, running, biking, dancing, hiking (you name it), you can fit 30 minutes or 3 miles of some type of exercise into your schedule.

Because I often lose motivation to workout after a long day of work, I made the decision to simply get up 45 minutes earlier each morning and ‘get it over with.’ Every night before bed, I lay out my clothes like a little kid getting ready for school: shoes, socks, yoga pants, top, earbuds, and my trusty phone Minisuit arm-band (Why do I like this one, by the way? It’s stretchy enough that it’ll stay snug but not cut off my circulation, hold a key in a little pouch, and I can actually swipe through the plastic.)

Sure, I have slacked a few times, but am now starting to get into a routine. And honestly, I enjoy it and I feel great. Getting my blood moving in the morning helps me focus better at work, and I feel more empowered to tackle the day.

My jeans might not be loose, but I less often struggle with the emotional rollercoaster and guessing game of, ‘what will fit today?’

Get motivated with these tips: