You can now do yoga and camp with adorable alpacas at this farm

If you’ve been thinking goat yoga is so 2018, you’re right. While baby goats are definitely cute, we’re ready for something else to spice up our practice. Enter alpacas. They have hopped onto the mat to make your flow both fluffy and fabulous.

You can’t find alpacas everywhere just yet. But there’s one special spot in Devon, England, where you can get your alpaca fix. Lucky guests and visitors to the Rosebud Ranch, an alpaca farm with camping accommodations, can treat themselves to tree pose amid a field of alpacas. Rosebud Ranch offers classes and tailored experiences for groups. No matter how the class is structured, attendees enjoy views of Dartmoor, a tranquil setting and, of course, the furry friends.

The owners, Nick and Lucy Aylett, specialize in breeding elite Huacaya alpacas. They raise an award-winning and therapeutic herd, and they shave their fleecy coats in order to make yarn and turn it into unique gifts. In addition to alpacas, the Ayletts also have sheep, bees, hens, cats, a Northern Inuit dog and two horses roaming around the beautiful property.

They want their farm to be “a place where people can come to escape, take time out from technology and busy lives, a chance to spend time connecting with the land, the animals and each other,” Nick Aylett explained, per Fox News. Mission accomplished and then some, if you ask me.

The alpacas add more than just a cute factor to the yoga sessions. These animals can also have a calming effect on those who visit.

“I just know from being around alpacas that their calming presence reduces stress,” Lucy Aylett shared with Country Living. “They like you to be calm around them so, naturally, you drop your energy levels and relax.”

Yoga isn’t the only way visitors can enjoy the alpacas and the scenery. Rosebud Ranch offers walks with the alpacas, as well as camping. The best option might be taking in a sunrise or sunset view with an alpaca on either side.

So, would you hop across the pond to try yoga with alpacas?