Here Are 23 Of The Funniest Pictures Of Dogs The Internet Has To Offer

If you have a dog, you know that they can become just as curious as cats. In other words, sometimes they get themselves into precarious, yet comical, situations—with or without their owners’ help. (You probably remember our story on the friendship between the bulldogs and the pig!) If you need to smile today, you’ve come to the right place, as we uncovered some of the funniest photos of dogs on the internet. Get ready to LOL!

1. This Cutie Pie Is All Set For Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside!

2. Sometimes You Just Need To Get Warm And Cozy By The Fireplace

There’s no better seat in the house.

3. Though Others Prefer The Couch With Hot Cocoa

Why yes, I would like whipped cream on top.

4. Or A Glass Of Wine…

That’s even better. It’s been a long day.

5. Just Like Us, Dogs Enjoy A Good Piggyback Ride

Thanks for the lift!

 6. Dog Or Teddy Bear?

So snuggly!

7. This Little Guy Appears To Have Broken His Foot

Why are animals in casts so stinking cute?

8. Naughty Or Nice?

Even dogs like to visit Santa.

9. Just Chillaxing In Shades

Hey, cool guy.

10. Sometimes You Just Have To Throw On A Cap And Call It A Day

Athleisure at its finest.

11. Let Me Put On My Glasses To Get A Better Look

All the better to see you with!

12. Delicious Ice Cream Cone Or Adorable Doggie?

It’s hard to tell the difference.

13. This Pooch Has A Bright Future As A Model

Strike a pose!

14. Ready For Game Day On A Moment’s Notice

Number one fan!

15. Hi, Remember Me? Here I Am!

Just pet me, already!

16. Midday Nap? Don’t Mind If I Do

So cozy.

17. You Wash, I’ll Dry

The best little helper around.

18. Who Among Us Can Resist A Fresh Jar Of Peanut Butter?

What’s the problem? He got hungry!

19. FaceTime—It’s Not Just For Humans Anymore

Dogs need to socialize, too!

20. After A Crazy Night On The Town

Rest is key.

21. Dog + Man (Or Woman)= True Love

BFFs for life.

22. Hold Me

Am I too big to be a lap dog?

23. Furry Superheroes Are The Best

I’m here to save the day!

There you have it—some of the funniest dogs on the internet, and you probably have seen  laugh-out-loud dog moments in person, too. We definitely understand why they’re “man’s best friend”—if we’re having a tough day, they’re always around to cheer us up.