Chrissy Teigen Announces When Her Second Child Is Due

Supermodel, author and still-relatable mom Chrissy Teigen recently sat down on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss everything from tequila to babies to Kanye West’s “serious” face, and the result was an absolutely hilarious and must-watch interview:

As you can see in the interview, Teigen also revealed that her due date is in June. She is expecting a boy, but as she told host Ellen DeGeneres, she’s struggling to pick a name because “Boys’ names are tough.”

Ellen suggested the name Urban—because Teigen is married to John Legend, meaning the baby would be named Urban Legend. But the quick-witted Teigen does her one better by joking that she’s been thinking about naming her son Dick so that his name would be Dick Legend.

The pair also got to talking about how Teigen’s daughter came to be named Luna. The 32-year-old mom said that the reason was two-fold: first, because there was a blood moon on the night that Luna was born (a phenomenon in which the moon appears red), and second, because Teigen is a total space nerd who shared that attending space camp was one of her best childhood memories.

The pair also talked about DeGeneres’s recent birthday bash and how difficult it is to party when you have to stay sober during a pregnancy. Teigen lamented that she couldn’t have margaritas with Jennifer Lawrence and that Reese Witherspoon herself was walking around with a tray of tequila shots. OK, that sounds like the party of the century!

But even without tequila, Teigen said she still had a blast, especially eating the vegan Impossible Burger from DeGeneres’s favorite veg-restaurant Crossroads.

And, of course, Teigen and Legend hit up the photo booth at the party, even posing for pics with West and his wife Kim Kardashian. West’s serious expression in all of the pictures had Teigen and DeGeneres cracking up, especially in comparison to Legend’s beaming smile.

“He’s just happy to be alive,” Teigen said about her husband, with a laugh.

Congrats to the couple on their bundle of joy. Hopefully she can think of a name before June because it’s a safe bet no kid wants walk around with the name Dick Legend!