This dad decorates his son’s lunch bags with cool drawings

Lunchtime at school is a great time for kids to bond and socialize. One California dad takes it upon himself to make sure his son has an easy way to break the ice with other students during lunch. Dominick Cabalo started drawing on his son Nicholas’s lunch bags about four years ago in an effort to help the boy make friends at his elementary school.

“I noticed he was a bit shy when it came to talking to others,” Cabalo told The Huffington Post in 2017. “So by creating a piece of artwork to ‘break the ice,’ kids would come up to him and start talking and hopefully a conversation, or better yet, a new friendship, would start.”

And Cabalo said the bags had their intended effect, helping Nicholas come out of his shell and talk to other students at school. Here’s an example of one of his awesome designs, depicting popular superheroes, including Batman and Wonder Woman:

He did a cool Santa-themed bag this past Christmas season:

And a super-detailed drawing of Frankenstein’s monster for Halloween:

This Smurf looks just like the cartoon:

Although Nicholas is in middle school now, his dad has kept up the tradition of drawing on his lunch bags. Cabalo says he’s drawn on more than 550 bags so far. He’s done drawings of Disney characters like Beast, Stitch and Mickey Mouse, classic kids TV favorites like the Power Rangers and even some real people like Thomas Jefferson, Barack Obama and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“Sometimes I’ll draw bags on real-life figures, depending on what they’re learning in school, current events, an event we attended, or sports figures,” Cabalo explained in a post at BoredPanda. You can also see more of his awesome drawings there.

He says his designs take about an hour each and that he uses paints, markers and/or colored pencils to pull off his creations. While Nicholas has apparently become more outgoing and confident over the years—and his dad believes it’s due in part due the bags—he Cabalo said his son still requests the special bags, which Cabalo believes have become a “a mental security blanket to know he won’t be at a loss for words when put into a new environment.”

What an awesome dad!