Eva Longoria is expecting her first child with husband Jose Bastón

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Eva Longoria and husband Jose Bastón already have a beautiful family—the actress is the stepmother to Bastón’s three children from a previous marriage. But now, the couple is expecting a child of their own. A rep for Longoria confirmed to People that the actress is four months along and is expecting a baby boy.

Longoria has been open about how she’s considered having children in the past, but didn’t feel as though she needed to have a child of her own to feel complete.

“I just turned 40, so I have thought, ‘Is time running out?'” Longoria once told People. “I should be thinking about [children], but I feel like my life is full.”

But now, her life is about to get a little more full as she and her husband, the president of Televisa (the largest media company in Latin America), make room for one more!

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She and Bastón first began dating back in 2013 and were married in May 2016. This isn’t Longoria’s first marriage, and before meeting Bastón, she wasn’t sure she’d ever get married again.

“I never thought I would get married again. It’s him, he makes it all worth it,” Longoria told People. “I’m not a fan of marriage; I like being married to him.”


And as far as having children together, the actress has said, “If it happens, it happens, if it’s meant to be it would be a blessing,” she told Ocean Drive magazine in 2016.

Longoria’s also spoken about how her life has caused her to constantly reevaluate the whole idea of having children.

“I had this plan in my head. I thought I’m going to get married, I’m going to have babies,” she shared with Jenny McCarthy in an interview. “And then when it doesn’t happen you kind of get off balance… and you do a lot of reevaluation.” She continued, “I think women, unfortunately, we have to think about it.”

The actress is one of many women who doesn’t seem to be a fan of the “when are you having kids” question. One mother gained attention online for petitioning that women stopped getting asked that question because you just never know what’s going on in a person’s life, and according to Aetna, one in eight families struggle with infertility.

So, yes, Longoria is having a baby, and that’s incredible news, but she was also extremely content with her life before finding out she was pregnant—which makes the news even better! Congratulations to the happy family.


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