Feeling Anxious? 10 Products To Help Calm You Down


With the holidays right around the corner, even the most relaxed people can start to feel a little stressed. And if you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, the frenetic holiday season can make things even more challenging. We could all use some help calming down at times, right? We found 10 products that can help relieve some of that stress. Plus, they make perfect stocking stuffers!

1. Seven Chakra Hematite Bracelet


This hematite bracelet by MichaelaJaneDesigns is not only healing, but is also a beautiful piece of colorful jewelry. Hematite has healing properties and helps ground you. Count us in!

$18, Etsy

2. Lavender Eye Pillow


You may know that lavender is a natural relaxant. This silky eye pillow is perfect for taking the day’s stress away, whether you’re doing a five-minute meditation or taking a cat nap. (It also comes in blue and black.)

$12.95, Amazon

3. Anxiety Stone


A friend of mine who struggles with anxiety wears a rubber band around his wrist. After seeing him snap it a few times, I asked what it was all about. Turns out, his therapist has him wear it for his anxiety and he’s supposed to snap it when he gets anxious thoughts. This inspired me to make another friend an anxiety rock—so he could clutch it and transfer his anxieties from his mind to the stone. Little did I know they’re actually a thing, and the Etsy shop PebbleBlessed makes them. Laura, the shop’s owner, can fit up to 7-9 words on the stone. So start brainstorming.

$10.43, Etsy

4. Phone Wallpaper Or Screensaver

Flickr | Tony Hisgett

A therapist I know has her patients put a stop sign as the wallpaper or screensaver on their phone. That way, when they’re getting anxious, they look at their phone and just stop (hopefully). Other people download a calming image, like a waterfall or sunset, for the same effect. Reddit users have also discussed anxiety-combatting phone wallpapers they use. Clever. (And free!)

5. Aromatherapy Candle

Vineyard Hill Naturals/Target

You’ve probably heard that aromatherapy does wonders for one’s mood, whether it be via essential oils, candles or the sweet scent of a cake in the oven. (Okay, maybe the last one is just me.) Candles can be a very therapeutic and cost-effective way to decompress and feel better. There are far too many favorite candles to name, but this peppermint and vanilla one is Christmas in a cute little apothecary jar. It’s sure to put a smile on someone’s face before they even light it.

$12.99, Target

6. Essential Oils

Edens Garden

We’ve talked about the benefits of essential oils before, from peppermint essential oil to lavender. Whether you use them in a diffuser to reduce stress or put a few dabs onto your skin or in your bath water, they can help you relax in no time. This two-pack from Eden’s Garden is a great gift. If two is not enough, you can also create a pack of six, 12 or 32 scents.

$11.95, Eden’s Garden

7. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Radha Beauty

Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes—we love this light-up one by Radha Beauty. If you don’t want to wear essential oils on your wrists, neck or below your nose, inhaling it is the next best thing. Mmm.

$21.95, Amazon

8. Pure Body Naturals Coconut and Hibiscus Shea Butter Dead Sea Bath Salts

Pure Body Naturals/Amazon

Some people, like Food Renegade and Wellness Mama, make their own bath salts (it’s actually quite easy and fun), while others purchase them. Either way, bath salts are very therapeutic in that they not only help reduce stress, but also help your whole body relax. This one by Pure Body Naturals is definitely one of our faves.

$13.50, Amazon

9. Sweet Dreams Tea

David's Tea

After your bath, what better way to relax than with a warming cup of tea? You can either make your own with fresh peppermint leaves or grated ginger or try this one by David’s Tea, which we highly recommend. Their Sweet Dreams is sleep in a cup and contains organic ingredients like lemongrass and licorice root. Just thinking about it is soothing, don’t you think?

$7.98 for 50g, David’s Tea

10. Himalayan Glow Mini USB Ionic Salt Crystal Lamp

You may be seeing more and more Himalayan salt lamps being sold in stores. So what are they all about? Well, they release negative ions, which reduce anxiety, into the air. So they’ll not only help you relax, but also sleep (Goodbye, insomnia!).

$14.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond

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