‘Ghosted’ Color Is The New Hair Trend You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere

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Whether we are talking about peanut butter and jelly hairdenim hair or mulled wine hair, it seems that every single month brings a funky new hair hue to drool over.

And this month is no different: Right now ghosted hair color is breaking the Internet, and for good reason! It’s a sexy, sophisticated yet playful style that is sure to make you stand out in a room full of blondes and brunettes:

As you can see, ghosted hair color plays on that uber-popular pastel trend, as well as the “granny glam” style many women have been rocking lately by dyeing their hair grey or silver. However, ghosted hair has even more secrets hidden just under the surface.

It all started thanks to stylist Jason Hogan, who created the term and perfected the color, according to Allure. Or, rather I should say colors because this is not a monochromatic hairstyle. In fact, the name “ghosted” refers to how hidden hues of grays and silvers peek out from inside the actual strands of hair. (OK, but why did Hogan not name it “50 Shades of Grey”!?)

Here’s a pretty version of the unique color, shared on Instagram by Renaissance Salon & Estetica:


By ghosting your hair with these hidden hues, you are adding dimension and pumping up the drama on what might otherwise be just your average pastel-platinum ‘do.

Hogan told Allure that the style is perfect for any blondes who want to update their look without darkening their precious platinum locks. He explained:

“I needed to give my straight-haired platinum and ice-blonde clients texture, interest, and dimension without a classic lowlight (a big no-no on those blondes) and also maintain the condition and integrity of their hair.”

This photo, shared by Instagrammer jojo_theblondewhisperer, shows how ghosted hair color looks on blonde locks:


Did you notice Hogan said “straight-haired clients”? That’s because ghosting doesn’t really work on curly-haired gals, as the strands don’t move in the same way that straight hair does. (But, hey, you have curly hair, so you’re still a winner!)

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Haircare supplier CosmoProf has gotten into the trend, even going so far as to host a “Ghosted Hair of the Day” competition on its Instagram:

This week we’re celebrating a chilling, thrilling color trend – Ghosted Hair Color 👻 Share your ghostly color creation for a chance to be featured as our #hairoftheday | What sets this mega-watt platinum apart is the blend of pastel gemstone hues that reminds you of an opal or the iridescent inside of an oyster shell 💎 ✨ ✨ 👇 Rules Below! 👇 ✨ 1⃣Tag your photos #GhostedHairColor #cosmoprofbeauty #licensedtocreate 2⃣Feature your hair color against a white/light background 3⃣Mention any products used to color or style the hair ✨ ・ ・ ・ #repost Hair color by trendsetter @saraihairwizard using @kenraprofessional’s new Frost Collection #saraihairwizard #kenra #kenraprofessional #frostcollection #kenrafrost #kenrafrostcollection #ghosthaircolor #pastelplatinum

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Hairstylists from the around the world have been joining the fun, including Josh Boynton of Wingate Salon, outside of Nashville:

So beautiful!

Just remember, though: This is a style that will take lots of maintenance, so you will be at the salon every four to five weeks. You might have ghosted hair, but your bank account might end up feeling pretty ghostly as well!

Ghosted isn’t the only hair trend that’s hot right now. Apparently, scrunchies are back in style. Yep, that staple of the 1980s that we thought we’d never wear again is now gracing the ponytails and wrists of fashionable women everywhere.


And that peanut butter and jelly hair we mentioned earlier? It’s actually a pretty mix of light brown strands with berry-colored hues. The end result is gorgeous, and really does look like a PB&J sandwich.


If denim is your signature color, then you might want to give this cool look a try. This versatile color blends shades of navy, light blue, silver and violet. It works on both blondes and brunettes, and it doesn’t require any bleaching.


[h/t: TODAY]

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