Man fools police with car sculpted from pile of snow

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Many have been affected by all the snow and freezing weather this winter has already brought in, but perhaps none as hilariously as a police officer in Canada. A man in Montreal pranked people by “parking” a car made of snow in a no-parking zone—and it worked perfectly.

The man responsible for the prank, Simon Laprise, told BuzzFeed he actually never intended to fool police with the trick. Instead, he was aiming to give the snow-removal crew a good laugh. But it’s apparently illegal to park in the road on snow-removal days, so the cops on duty unwittingly became his victims.

The car Laprise crafted out of a mound of snow looked incredibly realistic, so it’s no wonder it tricked a cop into writing a ticket. Check out some of Laprise’s photos of the prank below to see how lifelike his snow-mobile was.


He even added a windshield wiper blade! It could totally pass as a car covered in snow, right?


These cops certainly thought so…


You can see one officer inspecting the sculpture in the photos. It’s awesome that this moment was caught on camera!


The police officer definitely could have been infuriated by Laprise’s little joke but he actually found it to be very funny. Instead of writing a ticket and fining Laprise for the prank, the officer wrote a note which translates to “you made our night!!!” and is finished off with a smiley face. Phew!


Not surprisingly, these photos have made the rounds online, and people are loving the trick Laprise managed to play.

People responded to the prank on Twitter, writing, “I would’ve loved to see the look on the officer’s face when he tried to brush the snow off the windshield and the snow just kept going and going.”

Others applauded the creativity it took to pull it off:

People are also hypothesizing about who would have paid the ticket had Laprise been given one? Maybe a certain pipe-smoking snowman?

All in all, this has given plenty of people a good laugh. It’s moments like these that make it easier to deal with the awful winter weather. That, and knowing that those frozen iguanas in Florida will more than likely thaw out and be OK.

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