All The New Netflix Original Shows Coming To Your TV In 2017

Clear your binge-watching schedule. There's a lot to look forward to.

Netflix really is the gift that keeps on giving. Every few months, the streaming service hits us with a whole new set of exciting series to keep us glued to our queue. A bunch of new shows—including “The Get Down,” “Girlboss” and “Bill Nye Saves the World”—have already premiered in all their binge-watch-enabling glory. But there’s plenty more where those came from.

Here are all the other original series slated to premiere on Netflix this year:

“Las Chicas del Cable” (Season 1) — April 28

This period piece follows four young women from different backgrounds who start working as “cable girls” at the national telephone company headquarters in 1928 Madrid.

“Dear White People” (Season 1) — April 28

Building off the critically-acclaimed 2014 movie with the same name, “Dear White People” offers a satirical take on “post-racial” America, set at a predominantly white Ivy League university, where racial tensions bubble just below the surface. Think of it as the lighter, funnier cousin of “Get Out.”

“Sense8” (Season 2) — May 5

This sci-fi series from the Wachowski siblings follows eight strangers who suddenly find themselves linked mentally and emotionally. On the run and forced to question their identity, the eight Sensates try to understand and protect one another.

“Master of None” (Season 2) — May 12

Aziz Ansari’s loosely autobiographical show returns for a second season of awkward dates and late-night snack cravings.

“Anne” (Season 1) — May 12

For “Anne of Green Gables” fans, the wait is finally over. “Anne” is the Netflix take on the classic coming-of-age novel, in which a young orphaned girl (Amybeth McNulty) is sent to live with an aging pair of siblings on beautiful Prince Edward Island.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (Season 3) — May 19

New York’s cutest, most colorful transplant (Ellie Kemper) keeps winning our hearts in the third season of Tina Fey’s hit.

“House of Cards” (Season 5) — May 30

The Emmy-nominated political thriller, starring Kevin Spacey as the diabolical Frank Underwood and Robin Wright as Claire Underwood, returns for a fifth season of scheming and mind games.

“Orange Is the New Black” (Season 5) — June 9

The ladies of Litchfield Correctional Facility (well, most of them, anyway) are back to tell their stories in the fifth season of Jenji Kohan’s popular series.