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Target’s New Swimwear Ad Campaign Isn’t Photoshopped—And It’s Gorgeous

How refreshing to see REAL women—cellulite, stretch marks and all!

Shopping for swimsuits can be a depressing experience. It’s hard to feel confident in your body when you are surrounded by images of perfectly fit women with no “flaws” like cellulite or stretch marks. And, when you shop for plus-sized suits, the options tend to be…minimal at best—black one-pieces and boring coverups that don’t flatter your shape or show your fun personality.

Target is looking to change all of that. Their new swimsuit ad campaign features models with a variety of body shapes, and the company did not use Photoshop to alter and airbrush the photos. The #TargetSwim2017 stars pro skateboarder Lizzie Armanto, dancer Megan Batoon, model and body activist Denise Bidot, and TV host and model Kamie Crawford.

It’s kind of incredible when you think about it—a swimsuit campaign that actually celebrates women with cellulite and stretch marks. Check out some of the beautiful pics.

Here is Bidot rocking a pretty bikini and showing her stretch marks with no shame:


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And Crawford proving that you don’t need a perfectly flat tummy or thigh gap to be utterly gorgeous:


Check out this video of the models in action, wearing the suits and discussing how a swimsuit that fits properly helps up their body confidence:

It’s no surprise that women everywhere are loving this body-positive campaign that celebrates diversity—and they’re taking to social media to praise Target.

In fact, men are loving it too!

It’s clear that women are ready for swimsuits that are not only pretty to look at, but that actually fit our bodies and allow us to enjoy the water (imagine that!). Swimsuit shopping doesn’t have to be a depressing experience.

It is possible to make suits that fit and flatter all body types, it’s just up to customers to hold manufacturers and stores accountable for making suits for everyone, instead of just size-zero ladies.

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Kudos to Target for leading the pack and showing that real women make the best models, and that Photoshop is unnecessary—and even dangerous—in our society. The real deal, after all, is so much more beautiful.

Here’s to summer, swimming and body positivity!