These sassy Pyrex storage containers are perfect for cooks with a sense of humor


Anyone who truly enjoys cooking knows that making food is more than just something we do to survive. Not only can it create joy and bring people together but, sometimes, it can even be an art form and a way to express yourself.

Some people express themselves by making pies that are literally too pretty to eat. Others add algae powder to their toast to create mermaid colors. If all of that sounds a bit too intense for you, how about using your cookware to express your sassy side?

From “Microwave & Chill” to “I <3 Leftovers,” the new “Eat Your Words” product line from Pyrex will give your meals a bit of personality without the need to make so much effort. And let’s just say, these are not your grandma’s boring old storage containers.

You’ll find three sayings in 4-cup serving bowls with lids and one additional saying in a 3-cup rectangle dish. The round dishes retail for $6.29 and the rectangle dish is $6.49. All containers are made for refrigerator and freezer storage or for taking food on the go. The glass is pre-heated oven-, microwave-, fridge- and freezer-safe and the BPA-free plastic lid is refrigerator-, freezer-, microwave- and top rack dishwasher-safe.

Take a look at the four funny sayings now available for purchase:

4-Cup ‘Microwave & Chill’ Storage Dish

Perfect for storing leftovers you’ll be re-heating yourself while you binge some Netflix, this “Microwave & Chill” container holds four cups of your favorite leftovers.


4-Cup ‘But First Lunch’ Storage Dish

Perfect for showing off the real priorities in life is the “But First, Lunch” storage dish. Just pack up your lunch, stick it in the fridge at work and reheat it right in the bowl during your lunch break. Bonus: No brown paper bag with your name on it — everyone will know which lunch is yours!


4-Cup ‘I Love Leftovers’ Storage Dish

Who doesn’t love leftovers? Show your devotion to reheated food with the “I <3 Leftovers” storage dish. Not only can you store your leftovers in this dish, but they can be reheated and served from it too!


3-Cup ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ Rectangle Storage Dish

If you’ve ever gone to a party where you don’t know many people and are hoping to break the ice, this 3-cup “Treat Yo’ Self” storage container is sure to do it. Just put whatever dish you’re bringing to the party in the container and you’re pretty much guaranteed some laughs.


Looking for more ways to add some fun and creativity to your meals without, you know, too much effort? You should also check out these hilarious curse word oven mitts. Will you be getting some of these funny kitchen products?

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