These vulgarly named wipes keep your hand clean while changing a diaper

Shittens / Amazon

Note: This story contains language that some readers may consider offensive.

Parents find themselves in all kinds of diaper-changing predicaments—like having to change a messy diaper in the back of the car, on those awful restroom changing tables and more. Now there’s a handy product with a vulgar name that may turn into a must-have for anyone who takes care of a baby.

The aptly titled Shittens are exactly what their name suggests: disposable mittens that keep your hands clean in the foulest situations. Now, if you’re finished laughing at the product’s name, you’re probably thinking two things: they sound ridiculous and where have they been all of my child-raising life? Both responses are completely valid.

Shittens / Amazon

Essentially, Shittens are just wet wipes that are large enough and shaped to fit over your hand. The design allows users to really clean the baby’s mess without the risk of making a further mess all over yourself. They’re basically perfect for germophobes or anyone who doesn’t want to get poop on themselves!

Not sold on Shittens? After you hear the company’s catchy jingle—which promises not to let you “get caught brown-handed”—you might be more intrigued.

If you’re interested in picking up some Shittens, they are sold on Amazon. But unfortunately, they were out of stock when I checked. A pack of Shittens contains 20 wipes, and typically retails for $34.30 on Amazon, according to Fatherly.

According to the official Shittens website, there are plenty of uses for them beyond diaper-changing. For instance, the website suggests using them after a workout if you don’t have time for a shower or to get dog poop off your shoe. The company even provides a few celebrity testimonials online, including Jenny McCarthy, who apparently called them “this year’s stocking stuffer” and Mark Cuban, who said “Everybody needs one.”

And if you’re in the mood to shop for wacky products you never knew you needed, you may want to check out this pillow that’s shaped like a cat and wags its tail when you pet it! Because, now that you’re half-way down the weird retail rabbit hole, why not?

Ask and the internet shall provide. Actually, you probably don’t even have to ask!

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