You Can Preorder These Adorable Star Wars Moccasins For Your Kids

These are so cute!

If your house is like mine, the “Star Wars” indoctrination starts early. Both of my kids spent their first days and weeks gazing at a vintage “Episode IV” poster in the living room. My husband wears one of his many “Star Wars” T-shirts once a week — at least. He talks about Han Solo and Luke Skywalker like they’re old friends.

If like us you are, buy these shoes, you must: Freshly Picked launched a line of “Star Wars”-themed moccasins, and they’re available online now.

Each pair is $60, which is admittedly a bit steep for kids’ shoes. They’re leather, though, and hopefully durable enough to pass along to a younger sibling or a friend. Also, if you join Freshly Picked’s customer club, The Fringe, you’ll get 20 percent off.

Most of the mocs can be purchased as a preorder, and won’t ship for at least two to four weeks. A few of the styles are ready to go now, though.

Here are a few of my favorites from the range. May the Force be with you (and your urge to shop) as you read on.

These “Light vs. Dark” kicks have “good” lightsabers crossed in battle against red, “bad guy” lightsabers. The print is subtle, so they’ll go with everything.

Freshly Picked

My 2-year-old daughter would really dig these Chewbacca ones. He’s her favorite “Star Wars” character!

Freshly Picked

Does your toddler long to enlist in the Imperial forces? These “Little Trooper” moccasins feature Storm Trooper detailing and come in a hip Chelsea-boot style. (This item is one of the few available to ship right away.)

Freshly Picked

The “Imperial March” starts playing in my head when I hear little footsteps in the hallway after 9 p.m., so these are eerily appropriate.

Freshly Picked

What do you think? Are any of the “Star Wars” styles calling out to you? Search your feelings.

(If not, Freshly Picked sells loads more moccasins starring Disney characters — check them out here.)