This Lisa Frank nail art will bring back memories of your ’90s Trapper Keeper

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If you’re a ’90s kid, you likely remember Lisa Frank. The folders. The notebooks. The Trapper-Keepers. Your Lisa Frank school supplies were an indicator that you were the height of cool! Well, if you’re a Lisa Frank fan, you’re going to love this new nail trend. Channeling the popular school supplies of yore, this nail look embraces bright colors and fun shapes like rainbows, unicorns and puppies.

Intricate, fun and vibrant, this look may take a long time to create —but we think it might be worth it. In the era of the reboot, after all, there’s no better way to show off your ’90s cred. On Instagram, artists like the Brooklyn-based Savannah Walker (@sweetandsavynails) are showing off their inspired designs, adding everything from dolphins to rainbows to their manicures.

This manicure with two dolphins, rainbows, the ocean landscape and a seal on the thumb took seven hours and four sessions to create.

“I’ve done a rainbow leopard situation before, but this set is next-level,” Walker told Allure. “I had been wanting to do Lisa Frank nails for some time and I just finally had the confidence and time to try it.”

Walker isn’t the only artist creating intricate nail art à la the ’90s brand. We love this look from nail artist @rockfotze, who created nails with a wild leopard print, featuring bright colors and an ombre technique:

Nail artist Celeste Hampton was having fond memories of her Lisa Frank folders and pens when she did up this set. Love that single nail with the stars and rainbow!

Christi of @polishedinportland was getting some major Lisa Frank vibes from this sparkling, rainbow-tastic set:

And we’re sort of obsessed with this last look, for which nail artist @sweetbcreations used a hard gel overlay with encapsulated glitter/mylar and hand-painted designs. Just wow:

Are you feeling those Lisa Frank vibes? Next time you head to the salon, think about giving a Lisa Frank-inspired set a try!

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