Vlasic Is Coming Out With Dill Pickle Chips

The pickle mania continues. After a surge of pickle everything (pickle cupcakes, pickle ice cream, and pickle-flavored popcorn) appearing in recipes and on stores’ shelves, Vlasic, the king of pickles, has just announced that they will soon be unveiling pickle chips.

And here is the extra-good news: If you are on a keto diet or counting calories, these new pickle chips are going to become your favorite snack food.

“Pickles has always been a flavor that people have loved in snacks, whether it’s potato chips or even in our Bigs Vlasic dill sunflower seeds,” said Thomas M. McGough, of Conagra Brands during an investor event. “But pickles themselves are a great snack, essentially no calories or carbs. But eating pickles out of a conventional jar is inconvenient and messy … so we’ve created Vlasic single-serve pickle slices and also a Vlasic vacuum-fried pickle chips that taste absolutely fantastic.”

So, we can not only look forward to new pickle chips, but we can also expect single-serve pickle slices, which will make both snacktime and sandwich-making easier and less messy than ever. It would also be a perfect low-carb, low-fat snack to throw in your gym bag or to keep by your desk whenever you get an afternoon urge to snack.

While we don’t yet know when to expect the new chips or single-serve slices, let’s hope its in time for summer. This salty, briny snack would be perfect to enjoy pool-side with a cold brew.

Congara Brands

As part of this new snacktime innovation, the company is also introducing Duncan Hines single-serving pudding-and-frosting duos. Whether you want to use the mix to make a cupcake or a cookie, this single-serving jar will suit those times when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth but you don’t want 24 cupcakes tempting you for the rest of the week.

Congara Brands

Conagra Brands is also unveiling several other new savory snack options, including Slim Jim Fried Pork Rinds (which come in “squealin’ hot” and “hog wild barbecue” flavors) and new flavors of Andy Capps’ potato fries, including “hot munchies.”

Are you excited to try pickle chips?