Trader Joe’s Is Selling Pickle-Flavored Popcorn For the Summer

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When I was pregnant, I didn’t have many cravings. But when I did, I would destroy some melon and I was always on the lookout for pickles. Extra pickles on the side please! Thank goodness Trader Joe’s seasonal delight, Popcorn in a Pickle, wasn’t available at the time because I would have been in serious trouble.

Pickles are having a moment, with delicacies from Dill Pickle Ale to pickle cupcakes to pickle juice soda delighting pickle lovers everywhere.

Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop

There are also limited-edition pickle juice slushes at Sonic and even pickle-flavored ice pops and soft-serve ice cream — all perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

Some might even say, “Move over rosé, it’s the summer of the pickle!” Now, of course, everyone’s favorite purveyor of unique snacks, Trader Joe’s, is getting in on the pickle-flavored excitement.


Is It Delicious? Yes. Is It Addicting? Absolutely.

The pickle flavor in Popcorn in a Pickle comes from lots of salt, dill oil and citric acid that gives the popcorn that vinegary tang all of us pickle addicts love. I actually found the flavor to be pretty light and refreshing, almost with a hint of lime. Dare I say, even if you’re not a pickle fanatic you may still like it.


If you’re also a popcorn connoisseur, you know that the mushroom shape is far superior to the butterfly shape. And this pickle-flavored popcorn does not disappoint, with large, pillowy kernels that are light, fluffy and very snackable.

In fact, I easily ate the 2-cup serving size in a matter of minutes. Oops! Keep in mind, this is not a low-cal snack — each serving contains 90 calories from fat and 290 milligrams of sodium.

Amanda Stout

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What Should I Eat With It?

Anything! In all seriousness, it would be good with all your BBQ staples: hot dogs, burgers and beers. And if you’re anything like me, follow it up with a refreshing slice of watermelon.

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Trader Joe’s also has a Pickled Party Mix recipe that includes other TJ’s snack favorites, like Cheddar Rockets and mesquite-smoked almonds. Sounds like a great pool party or game night companion to me!

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s knows this is the perfect partner for all your gatherings this summer, so grab a pickle pool float, Popcorn in a Pickle and your cookout favorites. It’s only a seasonal offering so be sure to snatch up a bag for a mere $1.99 while you still can. Actually, grab two.

Rhode Island Novelty/Simplemost illustration

If you now have pickles on the brain, you might be interested in some of these other snacks. Pickle mozzarella sticks will hit the spot. Crisp dill pickles, stuffed with cheese and fried to golden brown perfection? Yes, please!

Check out this video from Delish for directions for how to whip up a batch of these tangy treats:

Pickle flavoring isn’t just for savory snacks. You can get pickle-flavored gummy candy. Made by Vat19, these gummies are the size of a typical pickle, and the company describes them as having “a distinctly dill flavor mixed with the sugary sweetness of gummy.”


Have you tried Trader Joe’s Popcorn in a Pickle? What are your favorite pickle snacks?

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