Family’s transformation after working out together for 6 months is incredible

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Millions of people made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and eat better in 2018, but it can be hard to stay motivated and stick to those lofty goals.

Well, how’s this for inspiration? A family in China spent six months exercising and eating healthier, and the before-and-after pictures of their transformations are simply stunning. The pictures were taken by Jesse, the family’s 32-year old son, who goes by XYJesse on Instagram.

Check out the awesome photos, and see if it doesn’t inspire you to keep your date with the gym today:

As you can see, not only did Jesse and his wife (who recently gave birth to their son, Johnny) get fit, but they inspired his parents to do the same. Jesse said that it all began when his mom and dad moved in with them in order to help with the new baby. But, his parents brought something else with them: Unhealthy eating habits, along with too much drinking.

The family made a pact to get healthy in unison, and Jesse said that seeing his dad ditch his beer (and his beer belly) has been the most rewarding part of the whole journey, along with the confidence that now shines on his dad’s face.

The daily workouts have also improved their father-and-son bond. They started with fast walking, and then slowly upped their cardio and started hitting the weights as well.

These guys exemplify fitness goals as much as family goals!

And, of course, the happy new parents of Johnny have also been modeling healthy habits for their little one.

How inspiring! Making healthy changes as a group is not just good for your bond, it can also help increase your chance of success. People who have a ‘gym buddy‘ are more likely to stick to their exercise plan, especially when that person is emotionally supportive, such as a loving family member. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018.

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