You can now buy a giant mermaid cake from Sam’s Club to feed all of your friends

Sam's Club

If you’re starting to get a bit tired of unicorn everything, you’re in luck. While unicorns are still showing up in ice cream, pizza, and even 7-foot-tall sprinklers, another mythical being is also having a moment — or, rather, a lot of moments.

From toast to Frappuccinos and, most recently, an entire skincare line at Bath & Body Works, mermaids are swimming their way into our hearts as well. Now, after having already given us a giant unicorn cake for just $70, Sam’s Club is getting in on the mermaid trend too with, you guessed it, another cake!


Their new giant mermaid cake has a bottom layer of colorful “scales,” a middle layer of sprinkles and bubbles and an upper layer of sea plants made of icing. Of course, it also comes complete with a mermaid tail right on top. Take a look:

Sam's Club

Unlike the unicorn cake, the mermaid cake comes in two sizes. The three-tiered version will run you $66.98 and serve 66. But if you’re in need of something smaller, there’s a two-tier version that serves 46 and is only $36.98. The only difference between the smaller and larger cakes is that instead of a layer of sprinkles on the two-tier, you’ll find them on the top and bottom of the first layer.

The mermaid cake won’t be available for order until Friday, July 20, so you have plenty of time to plan a mermaid party. Whether you’re planning a birthday party for kids (or adults — why not!) or a plain old pool party, there’s a least a month of summer weather left, so a mermaid cake is a must!

Sam's Club

If you’re not into mermaids (or unicorns), Sam’s Club sells dozens of other desserts as well, including this 9-pound bucket of Oreo cookies and creme frosting, for if you plan on baking up something special yourself.

Will you be ordering a mermaid cake from Sam’s Club to celebrate summer under the sea?

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