You Can Buy This Giant Unicorn Cake From Sam’s Club For Just $70

Sam's Club

The unicorn everything trend is still going strong. From makeup to Frappuccinos and everything in between, it’s safe to say you will be seeing unicorns everywhere for a long time to come.

That includes, of course, birthday parties, where you will undoubtedly see a unicorn cake! Of course, you can try to make one yourself, but with all the colors and glitter, it may not be a project for the casual baker.


That’s where Sam’s Club comes in with a giant, three-tiered unicorn cake. It’s available in stores just in time for National Unicorn Day on April 9. And let’s just say, this cake is about as epic as it is magical. Take a look:

Sam's Club

The bottom layer features a rainbow of colors, while the second layer is covered in sprinkles. While that’s already unicorn-like enough, the top layer is where the real magic begins with eyelashes, ears and a golden unicorn horn!

According to a Sam’s Club spokesperson, this mythical masterpiece comes in chocolate and vanilla and feeds approximately 66 people. No need to keep your unicorn party small!


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This $68.98 cake is made-to-order, so be sure to plan your unicorn party in advance and place your order ahead of time.


As magnificent as this unicorn cake is, however, no unicorn-themed party is complete without unicorn ice cream! Thankfully, that is also available with a quick Target run. The ice cream is pink and includes edible glitter, the perfect accompaniment for such a magical cake:

Courtesy Target

If you aren’t a Sam’s Club member, but have your heart set on a unicorn cake, you could try one of these adorable “fat unicorn cakes.” These hilarious cakes feature a fondant unicorn that has apparently helped himself to a big bite of cake — and is consequently passed out in a sugar coma on the the side. Too funny!

Sam’s also sells unicorn cereal and tons of unicorn gifts if you’re in need of a present for the guest of honor at your unicorn party (or just yourself, no judgment here!). Beach towels, pajamas, backpacks — they’ve got it all!

Sam's Club

I’m pretty sure I’ll plan a unicorn party now just so I can have the cake. Anyone else?

Sam’s Club features a lot of other unicorn merchandise, like their giant multi-person unicorn pool float, which fits up to six people! It costs $150 — a worthwhile investment when you think about all of the summer fun you’ll have floating in style with your friends!

Sam's Club

If you’ll be landlocked this summer, you can still get in on the unicorn trend. Just set up one of these 7-foot-tall unicorn sprinklers in your backyard! Priced at just $50, this magical sprinkler is sold at Target. Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out, but check the website for updates as summer approaches.


Once you have your giant unicorn party float or a huge unicorn sprinkler, there’s only one thing standing between you and the perfect summer: unicorn cocktails!

Captain Morgan


This colorful concoction comes to us courtesy of Captain Morgan. It’s made with coconut water, grenadine, genuine curacao liqueur and Captain Morgan LocoNut coconut-flavored rum.

Captain Morgan

Dip the rim of the glass in some glittery sugar and garnish with colorful candy, and you’re ready for an amazing unicorn-themed party — don’t forget the unicorn cake!

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