You can now buy fruit-filled Frosted Mini-Wheats

It may sound boring, but one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods is Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats. I’m not totally dull, though — a lot of my love for the cereal is thanks to the frosting. Even with frosting, however, they can start to taste a bit tiresome. So to liven it up, Kellogg’s is adding something to their classic frosted mini-wheats that sounds pretty darn delicious — berry filling!

Kellogg’s new Frosted Mini-Wheats Filled have a fruit-flavored filling of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry. And each bite still packs 100% whole-grain wheat with fiber to help fill you up.

The cereal is available now at retailers nationwide. Kellogg’s does not say if the new addition to their line-up is for a limited-time or permanent, but you might want to try it soon just in case.


This is not the first mini-wheat cereal that includes a filling, as Kellogg’s also has a Touch of Fruit version with raspberry in the middle. But Kellogg’s says the new cereal includes even more filling, plus the addition of those two extra fruit flavors.

If raspberry or mixed berry isn’t your thing, you can also find fruit medley mini-wheats with peach, apple and pear, though they’re just flavored and don’t have a filling. Kellogg’s also makes strawberry, blueberry and even chocolate mini-wheats if those are more your style.


Frosted mini-wheats isn’t the first cereal Kellogg’s has given a fruity boost. In 2018, they introduced strawberry Rice Krispies and there was even banana creme-flavored Frosted Flakes for a bit, though they have since been discontinued.

General Mills also has numerous fruit-flavored cereals like blueberry Cheerios, peach Cheerios and coconut Cheerios — if you count coconut as a fruit. If you really want to stretch the definition of fruit, there’s also Jolly Rancher cereal, though I’d personally say that’s pushing it a bit.

What’s your favorite cereal to have for breakfast?

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