You Can Now Stay A Night In a Taco Bell, Thanks To AirBnB

You can sleep like a burrito inside the place where they make burritos.

No, seriously, you can sleep inside a Taco Bell.

Taco Bell has partnered with AirBnB to create a listing for their restaurant in Chatham, Ontario. It’ll look like a dorm room, with two sets of bunk beds, comfy chairs, and a big-screen TV along with video games, movies, and “lots of other stuff to keep you entertained,” according to the AirBnB listing.

Whoever stays here will also have a Taco Bell Butler to serve their every need, like if they want extra napkins or the entire Taco Bell menu to satisfy their cravings.


Not everyone can stay inside the Taco Bell. It is part of a marketing campaign for Taco Bell’s newest creation: the Steak Doubledilla, a quesadilla with double the steak and some spicy jalapeño sauce.

Because the Steak Doubledilla is the “classiest Quesedilla in its class,” Taco Bell wanted to create a classy stay at their restaurant to promote their Steak Doubledilla, hence the Taco Bell Butler and the name “Steakcation.”

As part of the Steakcation contest, anyone can enter to win a trip to Canada to stay inside this Taco Bell. You can enter the contest before midnight on October 11 for your chance to win a one-night stay on October 17 for you and three of your friends.

Click on the “Enter to Win” button and answer a few questions, like “What is your name?” and “Why do you want to take a Steakcation?”

Taco Bell Contest

If you do win, make sure to look at the house rules. Taco Bell doesn’t like it when you double-dip your chips in salsa, and they don’t want you to make that squeaking noise from the straw sliding against the cup lid because it “is annoying.”

But they also want to be known as the cool hosts, so they’ll let you eat on the beds and do whatever you’d like to the Taco Bell Butler.