There’s going to be a marathon of all 20 Marvel films

If you didn’t get the chance to see all 20 Marvel films in the theater, now’s your chance. In honor of the studio’s 10th anniversary, you’ll be able to watch every film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in IMAX beginning Aug. 30.

That’s right — I said all of the films, from “Iron Man” in 2008 to “Avengers: Infinity War” in 2018. Dubbed the “Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Film Festival,” the week-long party runs through Sept. 6.

The Marvel film festival will only be in select IMAX theaters, so make sure to check the listings at your local theater. While the prices vary by theater, they’re cheaper than the standard IMAX ticket. (My local theater is selling them for $7 each, while a new IMAX movie is typically $10.)

Now for the bad news — you’re probably not going to be able to see all 20. Because the film festival is only one week long, four movies will be showing each day: matinee, late afternoon, prime time and evening. You will basically have to move into the movie theater for the week if you want to catch them all — which, now that I say it, actually sounds pretty awesome.


The schedule has been released, so you can plan ahead for the ones you just can’t miss. The films will be shown in the order they were released during the first five days. Sept. 4 and 5 will be “theme days” that focus on origin stories and team-ups.

The festival ends Thursday, Sept. 6, with a repeat of two films chosen by fans. The three “repeat” days mean you’ll get a chance to see some of the films either again or for the first time that week if you couldn’t make it to the other showing.

Films to be shown on the origin days include “Iron Man,” “Spider-Man,” “Black Panther” and “Doctor Strange.” Team-up films include “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” “Captain America Civil War,” “The Avengers” and the latest film, “Avengers Infinity War.”

Not into Marvel? All eight “Harry Potter” movies are also back in theaters Aug. 31 – Sept. 6. If you’re a fan of both Marvel and Harry Potter, well, you’ll just have to choose! But either way, you’re guaranteed some serious movie magic.

Will you be heading to your local IMAX theater to watch some Marvel films?