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From Harry Potter yoga to “doga” (yup, yoga with your dog) to a yoga class where you can drink beer and curse, hybrid yoga classes are proliferating at a fast clip. The latest spin on your average yoga class? One that lets you flow through your poses underwater.

Underwater yoga looks about as relaxing as it does breathtaking. Described as the “first-ever underwater yoga class,” it takes place about 20 feet underwater, under the glass roof of the 5.8. Undersea Restaurant at the Hurawalhi Resort in the Maldives. The first class was held March 17, but there will now be classes the first Tuesday of each month. Take a look at this gorgeous yoga studio:

Normally, the 5.8. Undersea Restaurant is just that — a restaurant — although the resort has also hosted weddings in the amazing space. After all, the resort already offers private meditation and other yoga classes that aren’t underwater.

But why not do yoga underwater? Check out the video below to see just how beautiful it is when fish and other marine life in the Arabian Sea surround you while you flow peacefully through sun salutations and perhaps even a mermaid pose or two because, well, when in Rome!

The resort is located near Sri Lanka and India, so unless you’re already traveling there to stay at the resort, or are a serious yogi, odds are you probably won’t be making a trip that far just for some downward dog. If you really want to experience underwater yoga — and I mean really —you can give actual underwater yoga a shot. Just make sure you know how to swim and can hold your breath!

If you prefer to breathe through your boat pose, on the other hand, you can simply do yoga in the water. Being in the water can take stress off your joints, making the poses easier, not to mention that it can be pretty nice to feel like you’re floating while you’re hanging out in warrior pose!

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Where’s the most out-there place you’ve practiced yoga?

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