Photos of men proposing with an avocado are going viral

People — millennials, in particular, if you believe the stereotypes — love their avocados. And now, their love of avocados is overflowing into their love of, well, love.

Because men are now using avocados … to propose.

Let’s be real: We all want to come up with a creative proposal, but not all of us have the means or the opportunity to get down on one knee in a candle-lit castle or after winning the World Series. But you do probably have an avocado lying around somewhere.

Yep, that is someone using an avocado as an edible jewelry box. As reported, photos of people using said superfood to pop the question have been popping up all over social media.

What’s ironic is that millennials have also been blamed for a decline in diamond sales. Maybe jewelers can capitalize on this trend by creating an avocado proposal package: a ring, an avocado and maybe some toast.

Of course, until jewelry stores adopt my idea, you will have to make sure your future fiancée not only likes the ring, but likes the avocado. Across the pond, The Independent reported that a grocer is putting “perfect for proposal” stickers on avocados that are ripe for popping the question. Because you definitely want it to actually have a pit, and you definitely don’t want to be like this guy and propose with what appears to be the world’s ugliest avocado:

Once you have the perfect avocado, just remove the pit (don’t throw it away though), find a ring to stick in there and then choose the right moment to get down on one knee. Just be mindful that a large fruit is not quite as easy to hide as a small box, so pants with big pockets are absolutely essential. And definitely don’t leave it in your sock drawer for too long.

Good luck! Oh, and no matter if your beloved says “yes” or “no,” remember that at least you can make guacamole later.