Christmas Craft: How To Make A Fishbowl Snowman

I saw this adorable Christmas decoration while visiting a friend’s house last year during the holidays. And I thought to myself: “That craft looks so simple, I could make it! Heck, even my husband could do it!”

So this year, we’re making one, and you totally should, too! We found a similar craft at the Smart School House. Here are the materials needed, along with assembly instructions and a quick video in case you’re more of a visual learner. Enjoy—and Happy Holidays!

Materials Needed

  • 3 fishbowls (1 of each size – S/M/L)
  • 1-2 bags of fake snow
  • 1 sheet of black foam crafting paper
  • Plaid ribbon to use around the snowman’s hat (about 12.5 inches in length)
  • Snow village pieces, e.g., figurines, houses, xmas trees, animals, signs, sleds, etc.
  • Flameless candle(s) – optional
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

How To Make The Top Hat

  • Trace and cut out two circles in the black craft foam. Ours were approximately 3 inches & 5 inches in diameter.
  • Using the black foam craft paper, cut a rectangle approximately 2.5 inches x 12 inches.
  • Roll the rectangle into a tube then hot glue the ends together.
  • Glue circles to each end of the cylinder to make the top hat.
  • Trim any excess foam paper from the “top” of the top hat.
  • Cut and glue your plaid ribbon around the base of the hat.

How To Make The Snowman

  • Dump ½-1 inch of snow into the bottom of each bowl.
  • Arrange your figurines (and flameless candles, if you bought them) in each bowl to create a cute winter scene.
  • Stack the fish bowls from largest to smallest.
  • Place the hat on top and you’re finished!

If you’d like to get inspired with more adorable Holiday crafts, pop on over to our friends at Smart School House. Kelly has such fun, clever (and easy!) craft ideas. Here’s some of our favorites:

Snowman Place Setting


Strawberry Santas

Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe

Happy crafting!

Ethan Allen Is Launching A Disney-Themed Furniture Collection

Disney fans, you’ll soon to able to bring Disney magic to your home in a pretty classy way with Ethan Allen’s new Disney-themed furniture and home decor collection.

All of the items in this amazing new collection are Mickey and Minnie Mouse-inspired. You can get everything from coasters to bedding to chairs with the infamous duo on them. The official launch of the collection is on November 18 (Mickey’s birthday). If you refuse to wait for this special dose of Disney magic, there are a number of items currently on presale.

(In order to purchase presale items, you must be a member of “D23” the Disney Fan Club, which luckily you can join for free.)

The presale items in the Disney-themed collection range from $39 – $1,599. Filling your home with the magic of Disney doesn’t come cheap, apparently.

This adorable “Bravo Chair,” which is covered in white fabric and with silhouettes of Mickey Mouse in black, will set you back nearly $1500.

Ethan Allen

Bravo Chair, $1479

This ‘”Character Chest” is $1,599. Crafted from white oak and maple, the chest depicts—adorably—Mickey and Pluto talking an old-time selfie.

Ethan Allen

Character Chest, $1599

Luckily, if the presale is any indication, there will be some more affordable items within the collection. Make entertaining at home a whimsical Disney experience with these Mickey-inspired coasters, for example.

Ethan Allen

Coasters, $39

Instead of counting sheep, try reading stories on this Mickey and Minnie comic strip bedding.

Ethan Allen

Comic Strip Duvet Cover and Sham, $49 – $129

There’s a number of products dedicated just to Minnie, including artwork, long board, rugs (like the one below) and a cabinet.

Ethan Allen

Minnie Rug, $249

Luckily, there will be even more items available when the full collection launches in November. Get ready to bring the magic of Disney home with you in a major way starting on Mickey’s birthday.

[h/t Hello Giggles]

9 Easy Pallet Projects That Won’t Break The Bank

You’ve probably heard that pallets are a budget-friendly way to decorate your home. Maybe you’ve even collected a few (I had five in my garage at last count) in hopes of completing a Pinterest-worthy project.

Still confused about what you can actually make with a pallet? Well, look no further. We’ve got nine cool—and totally doable—ideas for you.

1. Pallet Flower Box

Flip the pallet around to turn it into shabby chic flower boxes. This upright planter is an adorable addition to any garden.

The Micro Gardener


2. Coffee Table

You are going to need more than just sandpaper and paint for this one—but not too much more. The extra effort is worth it. Not only does the table look amazing, but it easily moves out of the way to give you some extra space when needed.

pallet coffee table
Place of My Taste


3. Wall Decor

Pallets can be transformed into amazing personalized wall hangings. One of the most popular I have seen is the rustic American flag, but you could also paint it and add your favorite quote to add some inspiration to your home decor. Pallets are ideal for these projects because they can be made to fit any space.

The Garden Glove


4. Basic Bench

What’s fabulous about benches is that if you screw something up, you can always hide it with a pillow. Typically, that’s what everyone notices first anyway. There could be nail holes in the wood or random printed letters on the side, but as long as the pillows look great, no one will ever notice.

Wooden Pallet Furniture


5. Book Shelf

It’s simple, rustic and it can be painted to suit any home decor. What’s not to love about a pallet book shelf?

pallet book shelf
Made with Love that Can be Felt


6. Entry Table

This table makes a lovely first impression in the entryway, but it’s sure to get noticed no matter where it is placed.

Pallet Furniture DIY


7. Hook Board

With a few hooks, your pallet can give you some extra cabinet or closet space. Use the hooks to hang coffee mugs, as shown below, or use it for scarves, purses, belts—you name it!

pallet hook board
Craft Project Ideas


8.Wine Rack

This rustic rack will get all of your bottles and glasses organized. And with the right tools, this cool project will only take about an hour-and-a-half to complete.

pallet wine rack


9. Outdoor Bar

Thanks to its sleek design, this outdoor bar won’t consume your space. It will, however, give you back some room on your outdoor dining table.

pallet bar
1001 Pallets


When your pallet project is complete, make sure you share it with us on Facebook so we can all “oooh” and “ahhh” over your success.

This Teen Turned An Old Camper Into A Gorgeous ‘Glamper’

How did you spend your summer?

Ellie Yeater, a 14-year-old in West Virignia, spent her summer turning a 1974 Wilderness camper into a “glamper” (glam camper). How did she do it? As detailed on the blog Woodworking Adventures, Ellie saved up $500 of birthday and chore money, and got a lot of support from her family.

Ellie purchased the camper for $200 with a vision of a space to call her own. Of course, she would need to park it close enough to the house to still use her parents’ electricity and Wi-Fi, not to mention air conditioning when it gets too hot.

Here’s what she started with. You won’t believe how this creative girl transformed the space!

Before really getting started, Ellie had to gut the inside of the camper and clean it. Once the camper had been stripped down, the real work of replacing flooring and painting could begin. The dark brown exterior was painted a light blue. And for the inside, Ellie chose a color scheme of peach, grey and light blue.

Ellie finished off her masterpiece with Pinterest-inspired details like statement pillows, strung lights and a dress form.

Woodworking Adventures

For Ellie, the camper will be more of a “she-shed” than something to take out into the woods. Just like any other teen, Ellie wanted a spot to hang out with friends and a quiet place of her own. Nice work, Ellie! We see an interior design career in your future.

Read more about the camper’s transformation and see more pictures on Woodworking Adventures.

10 Book-Themed Home Accessories Every Book-Lover Should Own

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.

When you walk into someone’s home, the décor generally represents his or her personality and passions. The travel enthusiast has a framed map and the items they’ve collected on their journeys.

The same goes for those of use who never get tired of reading. A bibliophile likely has books strewn about the house: on shelves, under the bed, you name it.

There’s no shortage of book-themed products out there, some cheesier than others. If you’re looking to up your book-themed home decor or are looking for a gift for the book worm in your life, check out this list of 10 tasteful book-themed products for every bibliophile out there.

1. Bookshelf Wallpaper

Is there any cooler wallpaper option for a book-lover’s bedroom?

Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper, $40.00

2. Reader Eye Chart

This is perfect for the young book-lovers in your life. This creative eye chart reads: “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

Today A Reader Tomorrow A Leader, eye chart print

Amazon, $7.99

3. Cookie Cutter

Sit down with a good book and some cookies. Why not take it up a notch with these Emily Dickinson cookie cutters.

The Literary Gift Company
The Literary Gift Company

The Literary Gift Company, $10.36

4. Folding Night Light Book Lamp

You may recognize this clever product from “Shark Tank.” This wooden-covered night light opens to 360 degrees. Can you imagine a cooler way to read late at night?


Amazon, $32.99

5. Book-Scented Candle

Any avid reader will tell you there is nothing like the smell of a book. Even when you’ve turned the last page continue the aroma with Frostbeard’s book-scented candles.

Book-Scented Candles
Frostbeard | Etsy

Etsy, $12.00-$18.00

6. Book-Shaped Plates

These plates are a tasteful nod to the deliciousness of an open book.

Gone Reading

Gone Reading, $9.99 and up.

7. Dramatic Bookends

Forget normal and try Fred & Friends ‘THE END’ Dramatic Bookends. The figure trying to “hold” the books might remind you of all the times you carried way too many.

The END Dramatic Bookends

Amazon, $17.99

8. Book Spoon

Literature and tea equals happiness so of course a spoon that reminds you of such an equation is necessary.

Book Spoon
ThePaperSpoon4U | Etsy

Etsy, $20.00

9. Classic Coaster Set

Never let anyone forget the classics with the Classic Book Coaster set. The cover art might make you want to read the books again.

Classic Book Coaster
The Literary Gift Company

The Literary Gift Company, $16.93

10. Library Embosser

Make your home a mini library with this personalized embosser. Whenever someone opens a book they will know which library they’ve stepped into.

Library Embosser

Horchow, $26.00

Bonus Item: Library Scarf

Bring nostalgia to your closet. This due date scarf is sure to be a conversation-starter. You can wear it out or personalize it as a gift by writing the person’s favorite book and author on it.

Library Scarf
Cyberoptix | Etsy

Etsy, $44.00