Little Boy Turns Into Disney Princes For Adorable 1st Birthday Photos

Which of his cute looks do you like best?

Baby’s first birthday is a big occasion! Marking the milestone calls for something special, right? Pictures of the little one smashing a birthday cake are fine, but one family decided to make a little Disney magic for their little boy. And, the results are almost too adorable for words!

Little Santiago Lopez had his own Disney photo shoot to capture his first birthday. These photos, taken by Kristie Mills Photography in Texas, prove that this little guy is a Disney prince in the making!

First, we have Santiago as the charming Aladdin. He even has his buddies Magic Carpet and the mischievous monkey Abu!

Kristie Mills Photography

Abu even got caught trying to take the magic lamp from our little prince. Bad monkey!

Kristie Mills Photography

Somewhere in the woods, a princess under a horrible spell from a poison apple waits for her prince to rescue her. Santiago, dressed as Snow White’s prince, makes his way to find her.

Kristie Mills Photography

Along the way, our prince runs into some of Snow White’s friends. It’s the Seven Dwarfs, of course!

Kristie Mills Photography

Once upon a time, a little mermaid named Ariel fell in love with a prince. And, with the help of some of her animal friends, she won his heart and they lived happily ever after. Santiago makes the perfect Prince Eric, as he appears to be looking across the water for his singing princess.

Kristie Mills Photography

And, last but not least, we have a charming prince who hosted a ball and discovered his one true love.

Kristie Mills Photography

But there’s one small problem … the girl ran away! Fortunately for our hero prince, she left behind her glass slipper! Between the slipper and Cinderella’s mice friends, the prince should find his fair maiden in no time!

Kristie Mills Photogrpahy

Which of these photos is your favorite? Personally, I think they’re all too cute to choose just one. And, with parents sweet enough to set up a photo shoot this cute and creative, we’re sure little Santiago will grow up to be a fine prince and live happily ever after!

[h/t PopSugar]