Glitterage is 2018’s sparkling new hair trend

If you want to truly shine in 2018, there is a sparkly new hair trend perfect for you. Glitterage—or glitter balayage—highlights debuted as a shimmering New Year’s Eve 2017 beauty look. It appears this glittery hair style is here to stay.

Glitter came back in a big way in 2017. We saw glitter cappuccinos, glitter grout and soothing glitter mason jars.

Before that, even glitter beards had a moment—but only truly brave men added sparkle to their facial hair.

Hot Highlights

Now, anyone can sample the sparkle with glitterage. Essentially, “glitterage” is a hair-styling process inspired by the balayage highlighting technique, which is essentially a hair-coloring style that involves “painting” the dye in by hand for a natural look.

Danielle Wade, a Denver-based hairstylist and an early adopter, deserves the credit for sparking the sparkly new version of this popular look.

Wade uses a Colortrak glitter brush to paint on Major Moonshine glitter hair gel. Yes, even her brush is glitzy.

She captioned this step-by-step Instagram video, “Making the world sparkle one unicorn at a time.”

Sparking Updos and Twists

For some clients at Asteria Salon, Wade braids sparkling strands or twists it into an updo after applying the glitter. She is still one of the few stylists posting glitterage snaps online.

A look through her past styling jobs shows Wade has never been afraid of creating bold looks! Before trying her hand at glitter highlights, Wade offered a rainbow of hair colors for her clients. While these bold colors aren’t for the faint of heart, they certainly are beautiful.

In comparison, the glitterage is quite approachable. You don’t have to be a unicorn to try this one-of-a-kind trend. Glitter-fied locks are a fun option for your next big night out.

Even rockers are deciding to glitz out on this trend!

St. Louis hair artist Caitlin Tyczka is in the process of designing an entire style collection for this year’s music festival season! Here’s one she posted on Instagram inspired by Bonnaroo.

Who says you have to have long locks to make the glitter look look fabulous?

And, those who attend music festivals and other similar events like to know they can bling out their hair without damaging the environment. Fortunately, biodegradable glitter is an option and many online users are promoting this option.

Here, katies_heart on Instagram has a shout-out to those looking for eco-friendly hair glitter.

The Subtle Side Of Glitter

Now, glitter and subtlety may not seem like a logical match. Isn’t the whole point of glitter to make a big statement?

Well, many people aren’t looking to shine like a disco ball. They just want a little extra sparkle in their lives!

The subtle sparkle is perfect for bachelorette parties and birthday celebrations. Unlike traditional balayage highlights, glitterage is temporary. In fact, the glitter washes out with one shampoo—or you can brush it out.

Every bride wants something a little extra special for her big day. Maia Durocher of Mad Hair Design created this look for the bride who wants just a little extra shine to light up the room.

Watch Out For Falling Glitter!

With the glitzier looks, some are concerned about glitter getting everywhere. Naturally, the glitter will fall out, so it may be a bit messy. But a little glitter on the floor never hurt anybody.

Are these dazzling ‘dos for you?

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