You Can Now Buy Mermaid Cereal

General Mills

In case you hadn’t heard, mermaids are having a great year. Well, a great few years, actually. Right up there with unicorns and dragons, they are growing in popularity in the form of everything from skin care products to Starbucks drinks and plenty of other essentials. Which brings us to cereal.

While there’s already cereal for unicorn (and cat) lovers, thanks to Kellogg’s glittery Caticorn cereal, mermaid fans have been missing out when it comes to breakfast. (Unless you make this mermaid toast, of course!) But have no fear, dearest breakfast aficionados, the time for mermaid cereal is here and it looks amazing.

General Mills’ newest offering is called Mermaid Cereal and it contains star- and tail-shaped orange and teal corn puffs, with orange and pineapple flavors in each bite. Of course, the milk will also turn fruity! Plus, take a look at just how sparkly and gorgeous the box is!

General Mills

Mermaid Cereal will be in stores nationwide beginning this month for around $3.99 per box. Can’t find it yet or simply can’t get enough mermaids? You’re in luck because there’s a whole slew of mermaid food, products and even decor you can buy so you can pretend to live life under the sea.

If you’ll be throwing a mermaid party or just really love dessert (no judgment here!), Sam’s Club makes giant and gorgeous mermaid cakes. The cake has a bottom layer of colorful “scales,” a middle layer of sprinkles and bubbles and an upper layer of sea plants that are made of icing and are totally edible. It also comes with a mermaid tail right on top because, of course!

Sam's Club

If you’re looking for something other than food, Sam’s Club also has sparkly mermaid pool floats this summer that are big enough for two people. At $24.98, the oversized mermaid tail has colorful scales and the transparent top of the float is filled with glitter confetti for extra sparkle.

You can even buy a mermaid life jacket for your four-legged friend from Amazon for $29.99 so you can have a “real” mermaid swimming around your pool while you relax and float!

Sam's Club

Looking past summer, Oriental Trading has merged summer mermaid season with Halloween and created a giant skeleton any serious mermaid lover needs. Their fin-tastic mermaid skeleton measures nearly six feet tall if suspended upright, although it would clearly look fabulous propped up on a giant rock as well.

Oriental Trading

The time has definitely come to let your mermaid (or merman) flag fly.

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