Add A Twist On A Thanksgiving Classic With Stuffing Waffles

Who doesn’t love stuffing? It’s a staple of most Thanksgiving meals.

But why not mix it up a little and put a twist on the classic side dish. You can turn that stuffing into crispy waffles that have built in gravy pockets.

It’s pretty genius. The waffle has the perfect design to hold your delicious gravy and is also crispy enough to use as sandwich bread for leftover turkey. It’s almost like the Thanksgiving version of chicken and waffles, if you think about it.

The Grilled Cheese Social blogger made a sandwich version that includes Muenster cheese, cranberry sauce and a layer of buttery mashed potatoes. Mmmm.

Grilled Cheese Social

The best part about making stuffing waffles is that they don’t require anything special except a waffle iron.

The Full Belly Sisters blog suggests eating your stuffing waffle with a fried egg for breakfast the next morning, which sounds delightful.

Full Belly Sisters

If you can’t get enough of turkey gravy or cranberry sauce, try adding those as well.

The Sparkling Charm blog recommends adding gravy, cranberry sauce. turkey and a side of mashed potatoes, for a delicious post-Thanksgiving lunch.

Sparkling Charm

Who’s hungry?