Make Up To $18/Hour While Watching Movies And Shows From Your Couch

Dream job alert. If you like to watch movies and relax on the couch, this job is for you.

Crawford Media is hiring a large number of contracted workers for a long-term project.

The qualifications include having a love for music, videos, celebrities, television shows, and various cultural events over the years (think architecture, cities, fashion and interior design).

The project entails archiving videos in an online (internet based) platform. Candidates should be able to watch and listen to videos, type and spell well and have good communication skills. Experience with metadata and archiving files is a plus.

Here’s some other tidbits about the job requirements:

  • You are responsible for providing your own computer and internet connection
  • Hours vary depending on availability and ability
  • Paid training will be provided
  • Compensation will be paid based on experience, speed of work and quality of work completed during training

To apply, applicants are encouraged to take the quiz found here. They recommend using the Google Chrome web browser.

Hourly rates start at $10.00 and can pay as high as $18.00.

[h/t: The Penny Hoarder]