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You Can Buy A Giant Box Of Pickle Snack Pouches At Sam’s Club

Attention pickle-lovers!

One of my all-time favorite foods is pickles. I’ve loved them pretty much my entire life, whether they’re on sandwiches and veggie burgers or straight out of the jar. The absolute best way to eat them, though, is fried and dipped in ranch dressing.

One drawback to pickles, however, is that they’re not the easiest snack to pack for lunch. Their juice can cause a bit of a mess and they can quickly get soggy sitting in your lunch bag all day. To help, Sam’s Club is selling the perfect solution to lunchtime pickle woes — on-the-go snack packs!

Sam's Club

The warehouse club’s 12-pack of OH SNAP! Dilly Bites is $8.98, or 75 cents per pack. Considering that these individual packs cost $1.29 each at Target, this is a pretty great deal. The portable pickle snack packs have minimal brine, which means less mess, but still tons of flavor and crunch.

While they are best served refrigerated, they will easily fit in a lunch bag for on-the-go snacking. At just 10 calories per pack, these pickle slices are also gluten, dairy and sugar-free.

Sam's Club


Love pickles too much for just a small pack? Don’t worry — pickles are pretty much taking over the food world lately. From dill pickle-flavored vodka to soup and gummies, there’s no shortage of snacks for pickle lovers. We recently discovered an amazing creamy dill pickle salad dressing made with pickle juice!

You can even buy pickle juice by the gallon (!!!) on Amazon, which you can use to make tons of pickle-flavored treats, including martinis and these pickle pops. All you need for the pickle pops is pickle juice and granulated sugar, plus actual pickles if you want your pops even more pickle-flavored. You can also use honey instead of sugar if you prefer them to be a bit healthier or use cucumber instead of pickles if you want to tone down the flavor.

If making pickle pops is a bit too much work for you, you can also buy them, though making them with leftover pickle juice you already have is cheaper.


What is your favorite way to eat pickles?