This Deli Has The Best Kids’ Menu Ever

If you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant with kids, you know they can’t always make decisions about what to eat … After all, they tend to love the same things: American standards like chicken tenders and hot dogs.

But even though they might be hungry, they may say things like, “I’m not hungry” or “I don’t want that.” (Once it’s in front of them, however, they change their minds, or take two bites and are full.)


Well, an eatery in Altoona, Pennsylvania, The Deli Mansion Park, came up with the perfect solution: The most honest—and funny—kid’s menu ever.

Reddit user nabced shared it, and we think it’s perfect.

The menu came out last September, according to deli manager Brian Stroh.

“The parents love it,” he told The Huffington Post, adding that the menu was inspired by actual kids.

“That’s what I hear when kids are here ordering with their parents,” he said. “I don’t know! I don’t care! I’m not hungry!”

We also love it, of course, and Redditors do, too. Here are some of the funniest reactions to the menu.


Even if they will eat nothing else, no child can resist French fries. Hey, it’s not exactly nutritious, but at least they’re eating something.

Haha! (Smart!)

Getting to finish many an uneaten grilled cheese or bowl of mac and cheese is one of the best-kept secrets of parenthood!


This deli really knows its littlest customers.

So now you’ll know exactly what to order the next time you’re out to eat at a restaurant and your kiddo says, “I’m not hungry.” As for getting your child to actually eat what’s in front of them? Well, that’s a whole different story.


Sometimes getting kids to eat anything at a restaurant (so you can try to enjoy your own meal for five minutes!) is challenging enough. But if you’re feeling brave, you might even try to get them to eat something healthy.

We know, we know—it sounds impossible, but there are actually a few tricks you can use to get a couple of nutrients into your child while dining out.

side salad photo
Flickr | Mr.TinDC

Sure, maybe they won’t actually eat a whole salad, but you could order one and let them munch on the tomatoes and cucumbers while they wait for their entree. That way, at least they’ve had a couple bites of veggies before they tuck into a bowl of mac and cheese.

mac and cheese photo
Flickr | snowpea&bokchoi

And if there are simply no entrees on the menu that appeal to your kiddos, you may be able to order a few simple side dishes—say some grilled chicken and an order of toast—and just make a meal out of that.

These five freezer meals can be made ahead of time–and in under an hour! There’s sure to be something to make every family member happy:

Got a picky eater who will only eat scrambled eggs? Here’s how to scramble an egg inside its shell for an on-the-go snack. Amazing! Who knew you could do that?

A Dad Leaves The Best Note Ever For His Messy Teens

Different parents have different ways of disciplining their children, and one father left the perfect note for his teenagers after finding unwashed dishes in the sink… again.

“My teenagers refuse to put their dishes in the dishwasher,” Redditor labuzan wrote in the online forum’s “funny” section. “So I put this above the sink.”

The note, posted in 2016, features none other than Liam Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills, from the action-thriller film “Taken.”

liam neeson photo
Getty Images | Francois Durand

User “Labuzan” then combined his note with the ever-popular meme, “I Will Find You And I Will Kill You.”

Of course, the meme is based on the popular scene in “Taken” wherein Neeson’s character is on the phone with his daughter’s kidnappers.

liam neeson photo
Getty Images | Mike Coppola

What will user “Labuzan” do to punish his non-dish-washing teens, though? Every teen’s nightmare: Take away their phones and internet access. In his words, he’s “an expert in home wifi systems and cellular data plans.”

He says if the kids don’t clean up their mess, “I will look for you, I will find you… AND I WILL DISCONNECT YOU.”


Of course, Redditors ate it up.

One commenter wrote: “Liam Neeson in the 12th installment of the series, Taken: Internet Privileges.”

Another joked: “Taken 4: Granted.”

“Stop feeding them,” another commenter wrote.

“Best diet plan ever,” another said.

In a comment, Labuzan clarified that his kids are not bad people—they’re just messy.

“Actually, my kids have their s**t together. My oldest graduated high school a semester early and then got a 30 hour a week job to save money for college. My youngest has a 3.95 GPA in all IB classes and picked up a summer job for 30 hours a week. When it comes to the “big rocks” of life, they are squared away.”

They’re just… slobs.

Still, we think: Best. Note. Ever.

Does this meme ever get old? Here are some of our favorites:

“I don’t know who gave me the flu, but I will find you and kill you.”

Then there’s this one from a very serious “Walking Dead” fan who wrote: “I don’t care how close we are. I don’t care how much I love you. If you call me during the season premiere of Walking Dead I will find you and I will kill you.”

And this one created by a “Game of Thrones” fan who really does not want you to post spoilers from the leaked episodes until he has a chance to watch.

Meet Lucy, The 1 In 48 Million Baby Who Has The Same Birthday As Both Parents

How often do you meet someone born on the same day as you? Chances are, most of have met a birthday twin or two.

But what if you ended up dating that person? Or not only dating them, but marrying them? The odds would be much lower. Well, how about if you meet someone born on the same day as you, marry him/her, and then have a baby together who is also born on the same day? At this point you are looking at odds of 1 in 48 million.

This is exactly what happened to Caitlin and Tom Perkins of Australia. The couple were both born on Aug. 16, 1986, just 50 minutes apart. When Caitlin became pregnant and the due date was set for August, of course everyone was thinking how cool it would be if baby arrived on mom’s and dad’s birthday—and, remarkably, she did. Aug. 16 rolled around and Caitlin went into labor naturally, making baby Lucy a beautiful birthday gift for both Caitlin and Tom.

The doctor who delivered little Lucy shared the story of this rare occurrence on Facebook:

Aug. 16 will forever be a very special day for this family as they celebrate three birthdays every year.

12 Clever DIY Halloween Costumes That Won’t Cost A Fortune

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How does Halloween manage to sneak up on us every year? You know it’s coming and think you have plenty of time to get a costume together—and then, all of the sudden, you need to be at a party in an hour and you’ve got nothing! Well, not this year. We’ve got you covered with 12 creative costumes that won’t break the bank.

1. Charlie Brown

Start with a pair of black shorts and a plain yellow T-shirt. Then use black duct tape to make the zig-zag line around the bottom of the shirt. To complete the look, carry a football or bring your dog with you. (Hopefully he is black and white, and looks at least a little bit like Snoopy.)

All For The Boys

2. Circus Performer

This is a glamorous option—you basically get dressed up with full makeup and add a feather to your hair. The more sparkle the better.

Backstage #circus #headpiece #vintage #showgirl #sideshow #freakshow #makeup #burlesque #backstage #braid #costume

A photo posted by Julietta la Doll (@juliettaladoll) on Sep 3, 2013 at 4:15pm PDT

3. Medusa

All this DIY headpiece requires is toy snakes (you can buy ’em cheap on Amazon), a headband and some twist ties or glue to attach the snakes. Give your creation a coating of gold spray paint and—bam!—you’ll be the evil monster from Greek mythology in no time.

Halloween Forum

4. Snail

Use craft paper and ribbon to make a wearable shell, and a headband, craft paper and painted styrofoam balls for eyes. The result is adorable, and the instructions are fairly simple.

Oh Happy Day

5. Rosie The Riveter

High-wasted pants, button-down shirt and a red bandanna—it doesn’t get easier than that. You may have to do a few pushups before you head out. If you’re going to be flexing all night, you may as well have those biceps popping.

6. Strawberry

Add some white or black spots to a red shirt or dress and then glue together a green stem hat. This could work for various fruits, from pineapples to grapes. Get some friends together and go as a fruit salad!

Studio DIY

7. Bat

After dressing head-to-toe in black and following these instructions, you will have turned into a bat. Good thing you had that old black umbrella on hand.

Evil Mad Scientist

8. Baby

Get out your adult-sized footy pajamas—you know you have some or at least want an excuse to get them. Then snag a stuffed animal and a pacifier (or ring pop, for a sweet option), and you’re done.

Thread Ethic

9. Waldo and/or Wenda

If you can manage to find a red and white hat with a pom pom, it will make this costume. Otherwise, you just need some jeans and a striped shirt.

10. Fortune Teller

This is such a flexible costume that you are sure to have what you need on hand. With just some hoop earrings and a few scarves, you can pull this off pretty quickly.

11. Mime

This will require a black-and-white stripped shirt with a red bandana tied around the neck. Add a bowler hat from the dollar store and perhaps some white gloves, and voila—you are a mime!

#lifeisacircus #party #mimemakeup #mimecostume #mime #hfarm #hparty #hcircus

A photo posted by RitaPetrilli (@rita_petrilli) on Jul 24, 2015 at 6:37am PDT

12. Garden Gnome

The reason this costume works is because there are so many different ways to put it together. Any pants with a button-down shirt will do. Maybe throw a brown belt around your waist. A pointy red hat could be made from paper or felt depending on your time frame. Finish it off with a beard (you can get one on Amazon for $7.99).


When all else fails, use one of these puns to get yourself out the door in a flash:

Aircraft Carrier: Carry around a toy airplane all night.

The Seven Seas: Pin seven Cs to your shirt and call it a night.

Identity Thief: Wear a bunch of “Hello my name is…” stickers with different names on them. Bonus points for using names of people who are at the party.

Cereal Killer: Attach a few bloody cereal boxes to your shirt with some plastic knives sticking out.

Breadwinner: Grab a loaf of bread and any cheap medal ( you can find.


These Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes For Baby-Wearing Parents Will Melt Your Heart

Halloween is a bit complicated when a baby is involved. Pushing strollers and constantly moving blankets to show off costumes equals one long night. What if there was a way to make it all easier?

Welcome to the baby-wearing costume! As savvy parents likely already know, wearing a baby carrier as the costume base and decorating around it is an easy and fun way to incorporate your wee one into the Halloween festivities. No more strollers or complicated costumes for babies to fuss in all night. Make trick-or-treating a fun experience by dressing up with a baby carrier.

Here’s some baby-wearing costume inspiration from other parents who got into the carrier decoration spirit.

1. Rosie the Riveter (And Her Baby)

2. Every Baby Needs Secret Service

3. Monkey Loves The Banana

4. Time To Color In Blue

 4. Pumpkin For The Night

5. Make Your Baby A Sushi Roll

6. You’re Never Too Young For Starbucks

7. “The Hangover” Gang

8. Baby Bee And The Beekeeper

9. The Sun And A Cloud

10. Up Up And Away

[h/t PopSugar]

Single Daughters Take Wedding Pictures With Dad Who Has Alzheimer’s

It might seem somewhat strange that two single women would take wedding photos with their father—but when the father in question has Alzheimer’s, it makes perfect sense.

Twins Sarah and Becca Duncan knew that they may not get to spend their actual wedding days with their father, Scott, so they decided to jump the gun and take wedding pictures with him now.

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In 2013, Scott Duncan, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Now, at the age of 80, his symptoms have worsened. With the knowledge that their time with Scott might be limited, the sisters had the idea to stage a wedding photo shoot in their home state of Texas (despite the total lack of wedding plans in the works, as the 23-year-olds are single) so their father could be part of those memories no matter what.

Photographer and family friend Lindsey Rabon was enlisted to capture the special day.

“I loved the idea from the second they pitched it,” Rabon told The Huffington Post in an interview. “This was definitely a first for me. I’ve worked with families who are dealing with terminal illness, but this idea was so creative and unique and definitely something the girls will treasure for a long time.”

Lindsey Rabon

Wearing donated wedding gowns, the twins were able to experience semi-traditional “wedding day” happiness with their father. Though Rabon says Scott wasn’t totally sure what was happening, they were able to coax some smiles out of him in the end.

Lindsey Rabon

No, we’re not crying… someone was just chopping onions nearby.

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Bindi Irwin Posts Sweet Photo Remembering Her Dad On 10th Anniversary Of His Death

It’s been over 10 years since the world lost the adventurous, brave Steve Irwin.

On September 4, 2006, Irwin died doing what he loved. He was attacked by a stingray in a freak accident while filming in Australia. A decade later, it’s his daughter, Bindi Irwin, who reminds us how much of a family man he was.

Bindi was just 8 years old when she lost her father. Now, at the age of 18, she posted a photo of her dad to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of his passing.

The photo shows Irwin holding his daughter in an epic “Lion King” pose. She captioned the photo, “You’ll be my hero for my entire existence. I love you more than words can describe.”

She’s been open about her struggles coping with his death. According to TODAY, she explained her frustration with the phrase “time heals all wounds” to Australia’s Sunday Style in 2015.

“There really isn’t a greater lie. It’s just not true. It’s like losing a part of your heart,” she said. “And when you’ve lost that, you never get it back. Part of you will always be missing. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.”

But, it’s her love of the outdoors and the love of her family (she posts about them frequently) that surely would have made her father proud. And that’s something she can be proud of, too.

Like father, like daughter.

[h/t: TODAY]

This Mom Built Her Paralyzed Baby A DIY Wheelchair From Pinterest

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Evelyn Moore was diagnosed with cancer at 4 months old. After her heartbreaking diagnosis and eight rounds of chemotherapy, Evelyn is now in remission. But, the neuroblastoma tumor on her spine has left her permanently paralyzed below her arms.

Doctors had initially recommended Evelyn learn to army crawl her way around until she was ready for a wheelchair. Dissatisfied with this advice, Evelyn’s mom, Kim Moore, began researching options and found a DIY wheelchair on Pinterest.

Determined to give Evelyn some independence, her parents got to work. They made the DIY baby wheelchair when Evelyn was 7 months old using a Bumbo floor seat, a kitchen cutting board, and wheels from a children’s bike.


All in all, the parents said it took one night of hard work and $100 to make. In the meantime, they’ll save for the larger wheelchair in Evelyn’s future that will cost thousands.

It took some time to master, but by 13 months old Evelyn had learned how to maneuver her chair with lightning speed.

“She went backwards first and then she went forwards, and then she figured out how to turn,” Moore told The Star in 2016. “And now we have a speed bump in the middle of our living room because she just goes that fast.”

We can’t stop marveling at the “unstoppable” Evelyn. Watch this inspiring video below:

“Normally, she would be propped in a chair or a seat or a stroller somewhere,” Moore said. “This has allowed her to explore her environment just like a crawling child would.”
We hope Evelyn is continuing to grow and thrive — and with such determined and creative parents, we have no doubt she is.
There’s really no limit to the things parents will do to make sure their children can participate in all aspects of life — regardless of any physical limitations they may have. Kate Swenson, whose son Cooper is on the autism spectrum and does not speak, found a creative way for the boy to participate in a video contest of kids saying “mama.”

At first, Swenson assumed Cooper wouldn’t be able to submit a video. But then it occurred to her that her son could, in fact, say mama — he just needs a little help from his specialized tablet.

Watch the touching video they submitted to the contest:

[h/t: The Canadian Press]

These New Maternity Ward Beds Are Being Hailed As A ‘Game Changer’

It can be very difficult for new moms to pick up or hold their newborn from the hospital bassinet. It can also be hard to always depend on a nurse to bring their baby to them.  This is especially true after having a difficult delivery or C-section.

A new bed, as posted by moms’ site BellyBelly, is designed with a bassinet-like section for their newborn baby.  It aims to make it easier for moms to pick-up and hold their new bundle of joy.

The post said, “Would you like to see beds like this in all maternity hospitals? What a great help for C-section mammas too, but most of all, keeping ALL mothers closer to their babies after birth!”

Would you like to see beds like this in all maternity hospitals? What a great help for c-section mammas too, but most of…

Posted by BellyBelly – Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It has clearly resonated with moms out there as there have already been 1/4 million likes and shared over 125,000 times.

Popsugar stated that this bed is a game changer for moms recovering from a C-section and unable to get out of bed to reach their babies without assistance.  The bassinet portion was designed to stick out away from the bed to eliminate the concern of rolling onto the newborn baby.

However, Iffath Hoskins, MD, an OB-GYN at NYU Langone Medical Center, tells Yahoo Parenting that there are some concerns with this type of bed.

“If the mother rolls over from exhaustion (and into the bassinet area), there would be the risk of smothering the baby,” she says. “The mother’s arm could go into that space in her sleep and cover the baby, or she could knock a pillow to the side and it’s on the baby.”

Hoskins goes on to add “That’s why we don’t let the baby sleep in the bed with the mother. That’s why we don’t give blankets other than swaddling.”






Meet The Couple Who Had Two Babies Five Weeks Apart

When college-sweethearts Nancy and Justin Rohde decided to get married, they anticipated a life full of love and children. Three years later they realized their dream of starting a family together was going to be difficult, even hopeless.

They tried multiple rounds of IVF, but each one failed. They hired a surrogate who sadly miscarried. They tried IVF again, but to no avail.

Then, in August 2015 the couple found a new surrogate—Ashley Brown, a 30-year-old stay-at-home mom from Salt Lake City, Utah. As Ashley prepared for surrogacy, the Rohdes also decided to try one more round of IVF to double their odds—assuming deep down that they would have the same failed results.

Two weeks later, Nancy got a positive pregnancy test. But because doctors feared her body might not be able to carry a baby to term, they went ahead with the surrogacy. Five weeks later, Ashley got her own positive pregnancy test.

Despite their fears, Nancy’s pregnancy was indeed viable. Over the next nine months the two women shared weekly updates as they each prepared to welcome the Rohdes’ “twinbling” daughters.

Nancy gave birth to Lillian Quinn, on May 2 in Chicago, Illinois. Her delivery was not without complications; Nancy suffered from a torn placenta, anemia and preeclampsia. Thankfully, a month later she was healthy enough to travel with Justin and Lily to Utah for the delivery of baby number two.

After a difficult labor for Ashley, the Rohdes welcomed Audrey Eleanor on June 7. And, it was love at first sight for the newly minted family of four.

Now, at home in Chicago, the Rohdes can’t wait to tell the sisters their story someday.

“We’re going to be extremely open with [the twinblings] about their unique entry into the world. I mean, it’s going to be obvious something weird happened. They’re five weeks apart,” Nancy told Cosmopolitan.


Mom Experiences A Time Travel Moment While Shopping With Her Son At Costco

One mom thought she was having a fairly usual day, shopping at Costco with her toddler son when she noticed a crazy coincidence and—thankfully, for all of us—decided to take a picture.

If you look closely at the picture, you’ll notice that her son isn’t the only one sporting a lime green polo shirt and multi-colored plaid shorts—the older man sitting on a bench in the background is wearing the same exact outfit (save the shoes)!

The mom posted the picture on reddit with the comment “I guess I know what my son will look like in 70 years…”, much to everyone’s delight.

I guess I know what my son will look like in 70 years… from pics

Some commenters (who may or may not be watching too much “Back To The Future”) are calling the picture proof of time travel:

Other commenters shared downright amusing observations about the coincidence:

The Way This Dad Dressed His Daughter For Daycare Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

As parents of two girls, and my husband and I have wildly different approaches to getting them dressed each morning. My approach is to find a cute, color-coordinated, weather-appropriate outfit. His approach? Reach into their drawers, grab whatever garments his hand touches first and throw them on at the speed of light. So what if the results are navy paired with black, or a shirt worn backwards. They’re dressed, aren’t they?

No doubt many parents can relate to the struggle of getting the kids dressed and out the door in the morning, which is why the wardrobe fail that’s been circulating the internet is so darn funny.

Imgur user Laureeadeline shared her story after picking up her daughter from daycare and noticing that she was wearing overalls with no shirt underneath. She assumed her baby’s shirt had suffered some sort of diaper fail at daycare until she exchanged texts with her husband. Only then did she learn that rather than a diaper fail, there had been a wardrobe fail, and her husband, Jeremy, had sent their sweet baby off to daycare that morning wearing nothing but overalls.

“Did you send Olivia to daycare without a shirt on?” she writes.

“Uh, I sent her with that thing on,” Jeremy responds.

“Overalls,” mom writes. “Supposed to wear a shirt with overalls.”

Read the full exchange for yourself and see if you don’t laugh out loud.