DIY: How To Make An Emergency Spare Key

In this video, Youtuber, DaveHax, shows us how to make an emergency spare key.

Items Needed

  • The original key
  • A lighter
  • The lid of a metal can
  • A 2 inch piece of clear tape


  • Start by holding the original key over a flame so it gets a black coating.
  • Set it down to cool. Once cool, place the stripe of clear tape over the blackened key. This will make the outline of your key.
  • Remove the tape from the key and stick it onto the can lid.
  • Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully (and accurately) cut out the key.
  • Hold the copy up to the original for comparison. If you’ve accurately cut out the key, it should work in the lock. Just remember, the copied key will be a lit thinner than the original, so be careful about not breaking it inside the lock.

Watch video for full tutorial.


These Snowflake Decorations Are Beautiful and Super Simple to Make

Whether you’re looking for a simple decoration for the house or a fun project to do with the kiddos, making these snowflake decorations is the perfect festive activity to keep you and your family entertained this season.

Creating these only requires a few items, so you won’t have to shell out a lot of money on crafts. But the best part? The entire process is fairly simple!

Here are the four items you’ll need to kick off to make your own lacy snowflake paper decorations:


1. Paper (choose whatever colors you like)

2. Glue

3. Scissors

4. Ruler

The video above explains the steps on how to make these cool winter decorations, but here’s another brief summary:



1. Fold 10 squares of paper into triangles

2. Draw five lines (with the ruler) across the triangle about 1 centimeter apart

3. Cut along the lines, stopping about 1 cm before the edge

4. Repeat the line-drawing and cutting process six times.

5. Open the squares and glue the center points together. Turn the square over and glue the next two points.

6.  Repeat the process (continuing to turn the square over between each gluing) until you’ve connected each strip of paper on each square.

7. Glue all of your squares together end-to-end in a snowflake shape.

As noted in the video, the size of the snowflake will depend on the size of the squares you start with. The bigger you go, the bigger it will be.

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You can also feel free to get as creative as you like the style of snowflakes you’re making. You can use plain white paper if you want to stick with the traditional snowflake look. If you want to make the decorations look a bit more colorful and festive, you can go for red, green or metallic colored paper. You can even use patterned paper if you want!

When you’re done, you’ll be left with a lovely snowflake decoration that you can hang in a window, as seen below, or elsewhere in your home.


Will you be making these snowflake decorations this holiday?

Additional Reporting by Michelle Regalado. 

How To Tie The Perfect Bow

It’s that time of year when present wrapping is going into high gear.  I don’t know about you, but I can never get the ribbon bow right. In fact, I’ve basically given up on the whole process. But alas, here is a great video that provides a simple walkthrough of how to make that perfect bow.

Now go out there and make those presents look their best!

How To Actually Fold A Fitted Sheet According To Martha Stewart

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to figure out how on earth you fold a fitted sheet.  I typically start off with the best intentions, but it winds up looking like a ball of fabric when I’m done.

And the worst part is that when I grab it out of the closet, it’s covered in wrinkles.  Ughh.

Luckily, Martha to the rescue. In the video above, she explains the best way to fold fitted sheets so it will stay nice and pressed in your linen closet.


13 Amazing Useful Tips That Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

You think you know everything there is to know about cleaning?  Well check out these tips to further your cleaning knowledge and take your cleaning to the next level.

1. Use Wax Paper On Faucets To Make Them Shine

Wax paper will help prevent water spots and fingerprints.   For detailed instructions click here.

2. Use A Seam Ripper To Get Hair Out Of Your Vacuum


For more detail, click here.

3. Clean In Between Oven Glass


Read the detailed instructions here.

4. Microwave Your Sponge To Kill 99% of Bacteria

sponge photo

According to WebMD, putting a sponge or cleaning pad in the microwave will kill almost all of the bacteria.

5. Clean Your Dishwasher With Kool-Aid

According to Real Simple, use lemonade flavor Kool-Aid in the dispenser and the citric acid will remove all the stains.

6. Use Lemons and Salt To Clean Cutting Boards Without Any Chemicals

7. Use A Bagel To Clean Your Paintings Safely

Learn more here.

8. Get The Gunk Off Your Iron With Salt

clothes iron photo

For all the details on how to do this, click here.

9. Use Baking Soda To Freshen Up Your Mattress

mattress photo
Photo by AlishaV

Just sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it sit, then vacuum it up.   For detailed instructions click here.

10. Use Cream Of Tarter To Clean Stainless Appliances

To learn more click here.

11. When Cleaning The Bath Tub, Fill The Tub With 1-2 Inches Of Hot Water

bathtub photo
Photo by coolmathteacher

Heating up a bathroom by 10 degrees will double the effectives of alkaline cleaners, said Jenny Botero to HGTV. It’s a trick used by hotels.

12. Get The Buildup Off Cabinets With A Baking Soda Paste


For instructions, click here.

13. Use A Hair Dryer To Remove Water Rings

This New Notebook Design Lets You Remove And Reorder Its Pages

As a writer, I still like drafting my thoughts in paper notebooks more than typing on a computer (and I’ve never owned an iPad, so that is irrelevant), but I find it frustrating when I want to reorder things I wrote.

So when I heard of this magnetic notebook—which allows you to remove, add, and rearrange pages—I was intrigued and thought WHERE DO I GET ONE?!

The Rekonect Notebook, which is only available via Kickstarter right now as far as I can tell, is the solution to all my reordering-my-writing problems! And yours, too!

It looks like a regular notebook, and is black faux leather, only, it has a magnetic spine. It’s available with 60 or 120 sheets of paper and you have a choice of line, graph, dotted or blank paper. The best part? You don’t have to only use it for writing, but drawing and other things, as well!

You may wonder: Where does your pen go? Thanks to the magnetic spine, it also doubles as a pen holder (assuming the pen has a metal clip).

You can also remove pages and print out documents on them. Amazing, huh? So you can have a notebook with some handwritten pages and some printed pages. Can’t say that about other notebooks, right? And if you’re worried about putting objects like your phone near the magnetic notebook, worry not. Your phone will be fine!

If you want to order one, head to Kickstarter right now—or within the next 32 days (as of Nov. 10). Though they already reached their $75,000 goal, you can still order a Reknoect Notebook (for $39), plus extra packets of paper. The notebooks will be delivered to backers in April 2016.